Collecting Hasanaat

…every smile, every helping hand, every lovely word, every helpful reminder, every good deed during these blessed 10 days before ‘Id al Adha count more than all year long, inshaallah,
so let’s collect Hasanaat and let’s fast the day of Arafa for the sake of Allah alone, inshaallah, (day before ‘Id, tuesday, 16th november 2010).
May Allah unite this Ummah and guide us to the right path of peace.


9 thoughts on “Collecting Hasanaat

  1. salamualaikum wa rahmatullah,

    AMEEN, yazakillahu khair…and may Allah accept your deeds!
    wishing you much strength and blessings!
    umm mouad

  2. Assalamu alaikum Dear Itto, family and community,
    Ameen Thumma Ameen. May all prayers from the Hujjaj and the Ummah across the world contribute to a resounding PEACE Ameen.
    Wassalamu alaikum

  3. Ameen, Hopefully it doesn’t slip my mind; with all the make up fasts I have to do :o) May Allah give us the tawfiq to be ambassadors of peace in this dunya starting from our own household and beyond.

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