Peaceful Moment and some Books


« May my soul bloom in love for all existence »
Rudolf Steiner

Glimpses of a peaceful moment and some  inspirational  reading.
Wishing you a peaceful week!


6 thoughts on “Peaceful Moment and some Books

  1. salamualaikum dear sister,

    maschaAllah- Allahi barik may Allah bless your work! i am a former Waldorf-student reconverted to islam.
    once more (through your blog) i see that Waldorf and Islam is so great together!

    salams from cologne/germany

    umm mouad

  2. Assalamu alaykum,

    I’m so glad you had a bit of time to post. I imagine time is very precious for you with all the activity that must be going on in your house. I’m having my munchkins take their nap and after seeing your photos I can’t help but have a cup of tea myself and relax a bit before they wake up.
    Hope you’re having a lovely week!

  3. salaams, we have had some rather heated, yet interesting conversations here in the bay area about waldorf education and islam. it would be so wonderful to hear your thoughts on this as you are using (or it seems) a waldorf inspired curriculum in a muslim country. i am not an educator, but what i read about waldorf and see in our local waldorf school seems (for the most part) to concur with islamic teachings on education and children. i’m curious about what you took from the steiner philosophy, what you left out, your observations, and any other philosophies you incorporated. when you happen to have another spare moment;)….allah bless you and your efforts!

  4. masha’allah..I would love to be able to incorporate some waldorf inspired learning to our school room in DZ but It’s a real challenge to change even the educational mind set of the children here…they have been so brainwashed into beleiving that there is only ONE way to learn that any slight shift in the programme and they really get agitated…my year two students that i taught from year one last year are getting better at adapting….but it’s still an uphill struggle….may Allah ta’ala bless your little school with khair and make it a source of reward in your dunya and your akhira, ameen

  5. Dear Itto, I wrote you a message at your itto gmail account, not sure if it made its way to you or not. Can you write me back as I lost your other email on another computer.

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