For the Love of Rainbows


Last week we were threading wooden beads with the children in school and I felt so much in love with this work that I continued doing it even the weekend.
Such easy, soothing and creative thing to do, to add one pearl after the other, to design beautiful colour schemes and getting nice necklaces in the end – perfect for rainy autumn days.

Mashaallah, and once again I were amazed about Allah’s creation and wisdom in the rainbow-colour-palette.
Have you ever taken the six colours of the rainbow and put them together?
Have you ever tried what happens if you put them just together by hazard or if you put them in the right order (red, orange, yellow, and green, blue, lilac)?
What a difference it makes!
Only in the rainbow-scheme the colours brightly shine, they offer a healing power and speak directly to your soul.
Subhanallah, I am so in love with rainbow-colours of all sorts, I am amazed about their healing effect and of what divine beauty they are. I am in love with the rainbows at the autumn skies, with rainbow toys and rainbow drawings; I am in love with our stools in rainbow colours and with the little bracelet I made – thanks God for making me happy with the healing power of Your wisdom in a simple colour scheme.

Wishing you a happy-rainbowy-week friends!

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5 thoughts on “For the Love of Rainbows

  1. Dear Itto,

    first of all i would like to thank you for the comment that u left on my blog which i deactivated it once more.

    anyway, how lovely the rainbow colours are! thanks for sharing this lovely post.
    really wish to get in contact with you more! i always wait for your blog posts!
    you know already that i live in Munich, don’t u have the intention of visiting germany soon?

  2. As salamu alaykum Itto!

    You’re blog is so lovely and I am so so so happy for you that you got to open up your school. Alhamdullilah! My husband, who is from Morocco, and I have discussed the possibility of moving back to his home country one day and I’ve already told him that if we are there when we have young children I want them to go to your school, insha’allah! What you and all the others involved are during is a true blessing from Allah. May He continue to bless all of you and your efforts. Ameen.

  3. As always Itto, mashAllah, so inspiring to read your blog. I pray that one day I can offer my children something as good as what you got going there for the children of your village. May Allah always bless your efforts.

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