it’s all about…


… the school.

A bit of reading qur’an every morning after suhoor, making sure to eat healthy food and to get enough sleep, but unfortunately there’s not much time for more spirituality these days… too busy with parents meetings, the enrolling, the arranging of furniture and materials and the preparation of the pedagogy and a timetable… ten days and the school will open its doors, inchaallah. We need your dua’!


I leave you with this link to some beautiful thoughts and wish you a happy weekend and a blessed last week of Ramadan, friends!



7 thoughts on “it’s all about…

  1. Tabarakallah! May Allah give tawfeeq to this blessed endeavor. I love the chairs. If we lived in your valley I would certainly send my kids to your school. I’m so excited for you, I bet you’re just so proud of it. Keep us updated insha Allah.

  2. Mashallah how exciting! I love those little chairs too!! Did you do the watercolor Arabic alphabet? I would love to have one like that for my kids room!!

  3. masha’allah may Allah ta’ala bless your little school and reward you for all the hard work you have put in to all looks wonderful masha’allah….

  4. MashaAllah – I love your great ideas –
    the rounded board at the wall, the coloured chairs –
    everything so beautiful!

    Ameen to all the wonderful Adiyat!

    wa alaikum salam
    nima noema

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