…a never ending rope…


Have you ever thought about the different deeper meanings of the obligatory daily prayers?
Have you ever thought about the reason why the Muslim’s prayer times follow the light? 

We pray five times a day, always according to the sun: in the morning when it’s still dark but a first light can been seen on the horizon (it’s the time when the fasting day begins); at noon when the sun quits the zenith; in the afternoon when shadows are as long as the object itself; in the evening right after sundown (it’s the time when we break our fast) and at night when no more light can be seen at the western horizon.

And do you know what that means? It means that since the coming of Islam, prayer is an ongoing never ending rope; it means that all the time there are Muslims praying around the globe! Subhanallah! It is a constant glorification of God, an eternal submission and thankfulness to Allah the Almighty. Mashaallah, God ordered us to remember Him at exactly these times and so He made sure that there is no moment without at least some believers worshipping Him because the earth is round and turns around and this means that the sunlight and also the prayer times turn westwards around the globe in a never ending circle.
So when I listen to the call to prayer in our village, I first hear the call in the village before ours; and when the Muezzin calls in our village I hear a few seconds later the one of the next village, and then the next, and the next… it is a breathtaking and beautiful canon of praise… and that goes on westwards over the mountains to Marrakech and then to the Moroccan west coast and then to America’s east coast and then to the west coast and so on… and when we pray Asr’ here, they soon pray Maghrib in Makkah; and when we pray Maghrib, in Germany they nearly pray Isha’…

Subhanallah, there is always somewhere on this globe a call to prayer, there are always somewhere on this beautiful earth Muslims worshipping their creator!

Alhamdulillah, that makes me crying, that makes me feel very thankful, it touches me deeply and it gives me hope and a feeling of grateful pride to be part of that never ending rope of submission.
May we pray for peace, may we ask for His mercy and may He accept our prayers, Allahu akbar, Praise to God!


11 thoughts on “…a never ending rope…

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  2. Masha’Allah….this never ending rope….Your sentiments made me cry with joy. You were able to put into glorious words what we as muslims should remember and reflect on each and every day. The sound of the numerous adhans around the surrounding neighborhoods all mingling together brings such a feeling that can only be experienced by being in Morocco.

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