{this moment}


3.45 am: waking time; ablution/ washing for the prayer (Wudu)
3.50 am: taking a last meal (Suhoor) before sunrise and the beginning of a new fasting day without food and drink;
4.20 am: listening to the call for the morning prayer; praying Fajr;
4.30 am: reading Qur’an;
5.00 am: back to bed, taking some more sleep;
7.00 am: waking up from new, enjoying a new day busy working for the school project and being with the kids;
13.00 pm: praying Duhr’ and making a quick lunch for the kids; in the afternoon relaxing and more spiritual reading;
16.30 pm: praying Asr’ and slowly beginning to prepare the meal for breaking the fast;
18.00 pm: going out, enjoying nature and the fresh air;
18.45 pm: coming in, showering the kids and preparing the Iftar table, looking out the window and waiting for the call for prayer (Adhan);
19.25 pm: call for the sunset prayer Maghrib; “Allahu akbar, Allhumma taquabal minni siami” (God is the greatest, Oh Allah please accept my fasting); taking three dates and a glass of water – subhanallah, heavenly after 15 hours of restraining from food and drink; enjoying now all the good on our table and the kid’s calendar gifts…
20.00 pm: praying Maghrib; cleaning the kitchen and bringing the kids to bed;
21.00 pm: praying ‘Isha and some more reading;
22.00 pm: bedtime.


4 thoughts on “{this moment}

  1. Liebe Itto,
    das Essen sieht köstlich aus. Ich habe mich schon die ganze Zeit, seit dem Beginn des Ramadan gefragt, wie genau Dein Tagesablauf aussieht. Und prompt beschreibst Du das hier im Blog. Vielen Dank für den Einblick in Dein Familienleben und muslimisches Leben allgemein.

    Liebste Grüße

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