A Summer Sort of School


The doors are open… welcome to the first week of our summertime school centre!
Since I’ve reported last time about our school project, we developed a lot and pushed things further, alhamdulillah:

We’ve created a local association that will be in charge of the school.

We’ve found a motivated lovely teacher in accordance to all our needs and together with her we will start official school in September, inchaallah.

We’ve printed a beautiful informative brochure for donors.

We’re supported by and named now as an UNESCO-associated school.

And this week we opened our house for the first to offer a summertime centre for the kids around here.
We rearranged our home and prepared now two rooms for the school project. During the summer months we offer here crafts, nature expeditions, sport activities, toys, books, a helping hand for learning difficulties, a nourishing atmosphere and a cuddle and a hug for kids from five to thirteen years age.

We take the chance now to make knowledge of the kids, to gain their confidence and the parent’s acceptance and we are looking now for our first official school kids, inchaallah.

Yesterday there’ve been already more than 40 children – much more than we’ve ever expected, alhamdulillah…. 

Life is busy around here these days, but it is a meaning- and joyful life and last night I felt a bit exhausted but also deeply blessed. When I poured water over my Yogi-tea-bag, I saw these words of wisdom:

“To learn, read.
To know, write.
To master, teach.”

I think I’ll take it as my motto…

Social projects such as this always need financial help and support.
We’ve opened bank accounts in Germany, Switzerland and France and we have different locations in Europe where to collect material which will be brought to Morocco after summer.

So if you are interested to get further information about, to support our school or if you know someone who could help us, please leave a comment or contact me at itto.berber(at)gmail.com 

Happy Friday!



7 thoughts on “A Summer Sort of School

  1. Liebe Itto,
    ich gratuliere Dir herzliche zur Eröffnung der Summer School in Eurem Haus. Das klingt nach sehr viel Arbeit für Dich aber auch nach viel positiver Aufregung und vielen neuen Eindrücken.
    Schön, dass so viele Kinder gekommen sind, um die Schule kennen zu lernen. Bemerkenswert finde ich die Tatsache, dass Ihr mit der UNESCO zusammenarbeitet, das macht die Suche nach Sponsoren doch bestimmt leichter, oder?

    Ein Haus voller Kinder, die Fotos sind toll. Auf den Fotos sind jedoch nur Jungs zu sehen, waren denn auch ein paar Mädchen unter den 40 Kindern?
    Habt Ihr vor, das Verhältnis Jungs: Mädchen ausgewogen zu gestalten oder lasst Ihr den Anmeldungen freien Lauf?

    Dir und Deiner Familie einen gesegneten Freitag!

    Liebste Grüße

  2. liebe steffi,
    ja, es ist aufregend, spannend, neu und im moment lassen wir die dinge einfach mal laufen, sehen wer kommt, wer wieder kommt, wer bleibt.
    am ersten tag wren nur jungen da am zweiten auch ein paar maedchen und am dritten waren es sogar fast mehr maedchen als jungs.
    mal sehen wohin die wege uns fuehren, jetzt gilt es erst mal da zu sein, sich dem natuerlichen interesse zu oeffnen und dann bald eine festere struktur zu finden….
    ich halte euch auf dem laufenden.
    alles liebe und danke fuer die unterstuetzung, itto

  3. salam aleikoum itto,
    j’aimerais faire un petit don pour ton école. comment dois-je m’y prendre?
    bonne journée bien remplie mash allah !!!

  4. Peace be unto you sister Itto. The school project seems to be going on well. The children are very fortunate to have a good centre for learning supervised by knowledgeable, caring and good hearted adults:) May The Almightly continue to bless this project. Ameen.

  5. Salam alaykum,
    Just getting a chance to catch up on your blog. I’m in the States for the summer and don’t have much time. I LOVE what you are doing there Itto, masha Allah. May Allah open all doors of ease and blessing (al yusr wa at tawfeeq). May donations rain in from generous souls everywhere. May the children of your valley be changed forever by this unique opportunity to unfold in a safe and creative environment.
    Much much love always,

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