Women’s Work

The making of butter

The daily duties are clearly divided around here between Berber men and women. Both have a lot to do during summer time and the days follow a certain rhythm. There is no weekend and no vacation time and especially women work hard every day, from morning until evening: looking after the house and animals, washing the laundry by hand, baking bread, making food, caring for the kids and getting grass from the fields…. Busy body workout, day in, day out – no sport studio needed and often an aching back in the evening… it’s sometimes very harsh, but it also is a blessed work – archaic, pure and by hand, without stress, in breathtaking beautiful nature and according to Allah’s will, to weather and seasons. Subhanallah, it is a rough life, but such a peaceful, frugal and simple one, soul filling and of ordinary beauty, directly connected to God’s creation, alhamdulillah.

Getting grass for the domestic animals


8 thoughts on “Women’s Work

  1. the way we live is so artificial. I have often wished that I didn’t resent serving others so much, it is the heart of true religion and submission, but so hard when you have been conditioned the way we have in the West.

  2. Jazaaki Allahu khayran sister. Such a beautiful life; you live with tawwakal (total reliance on Allah for your sustenance) and without the distractions that lead to our loss in this life. There are many of us who dream of living as you do. Barak Allahu feekum!

  3. Assalamu alaikum Dear Itto, this is so serene and truly reflects a rhythm that connects one with the One, Allah Ta’ala. May your community be blessed and rewarded for the tasks that define their uniqueness.
    Wassalamu alaikum

  4. Itto, I am convinced that all of our modern conveniences, that are actually designed to make our lives “easier” only bring us more stress and anxiety. Not sure why, maybe because we seem to spend more time “entertaining” ourselves, maybe because we are always running to do more, here and there, like headless chickens. Subhanallah! We always think we know better and that we are advancing, when we are in fact receding.
    Thanks again, love your blog!

  5. As salam alaikum sister Itto,

    “……it’s sometimes very harsh, but it also is a blessed work……” apart from not being able to “breakaway” from this cycle due to various reasons, I believe the women do the chores wholeheartedly as they believe they do it as it is necessary for their survival and eventually they do it for the sake of Allah s.w.t.:)

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