Welcome to my Healing Community

Salam alaikoum friends,

First of all I think it is time to thank you all for the ever lovely comments and thoughts you always leave here. And even though I rarely find the time to respond to them, they mean a lot to me, Barak Allahu feek!

You accompanied me here now for a while and if you read through some of my last posts, I think it is obvious that I am on a path of personal healing and becoming whole at the moment.

There were lots of changing incidences in my life over the last years and as I grow older I see the importance now to pay more attention to my true self.

Writing, and recently also blogging, means a lot to me. And as I live a happy but sometimes a very solitary life here up in the mountains at the edge of the world, writing is my essential tool to process my thoughts and thinking.
Although I am surrounded by lovely and supportive people, alhamdulillah, I sometimes feel the need to discuss ideas and meet with women who are on the same way.
In this concern internet is a blessing. Surely it cannot replace real friends and an eye to eye conversation, but it’s a great means to connect with others.
But since this blog here is a very public place and mostly focused on Moroccan life, on every-day-beauty, family and living the faith, I decided to create a second blog on a private basis and dedicated only to my personal healing process.


I would like to invite you to follow me and to build up something like an online-women-self-help-group. My wish is to bring into being a community of like-minded-women to meet and support each other on the journey to heal from old pain and past trauma, to share healing resources and ways on how to connect to the inner child and how to become whole again, inchaallah. That’s why I call this project “the healing community”.

No matter what your past was about, if you also are a seeker or believer, a survivor, a courageous, strong woman, who is in need for exchange but has no possibility to meet with others, to go to therapy or support-groups, I invite you to join me here! – “if we share our stories we will have many telepathic companions” (as said by Sark).

Blogging is a perfect way to do so and it is a great healing tool as well, because it allows you to have your own place for your personal musings. It is like an online journal that gives you the chance to create your own thing without obligation and according to what you like to write about; it’s a chance to tell your story, to focus on what is important for you and to gift yourself with a place where you can go when you need a time out, to reflect, to gather beauty (for example through photography and poetry) and to nourish your soul. It is a place where you are the boss but still get the chance to meet others, to inspire, to get feedback, to feel that you are not alone and to be guided to other places of inspiration, if and whenever you wish so.

And because healing is such a personal and also vulnerable thing, the whole “healing community” will be like a VIP-club and I keep my new blog closed to public and do allow only invited people to read there.

So if you are interested to become member of the club you need to make some commitment.

Leave a comment here or send me an email to itto.berber(AT)gmail.com and tell me in short why you wish to join in.

Then I will send you and invitation that gives you the right to read my blog and to join the community. You will then have to create a google-web-account (if you do not already own one) and to create your own healing-blog, or at least dedicate a new “healing”-category on your existing blog, where you write from time to time about your personal healing way, where you share your story and experience with others.

Wanna join me? – I am looking forward to meet you there! Masalama!

(Note: This blog will be continued as before twice a week with news about meaningful motherhood in Morocco, inchaallah)

14 thoughts on “Welcome to my Healing Community

  1. I would love to continue to follow your personal journey. There is a gentleness and gracefulness about your writing that inspires me to reflect on my own experience and search for myself and a stronger connection with my Creator.

  2. Mash’Allah ma chère Itto,

    Ce message m’interpelle vraiment et je suis prête à te suivre, j’ai moi même beaucoup à échanger et je connaîs la solitude…J’ai fermé mon blog récemment, pensant que peut être je me livrais trop sans savoir qui me lisait, j’ai besoin d’échanges, de partager…



  3. Itto, tu connais un peu de ma vie et je pense que tu te doutes que ce nouveau blog est une bénédiction pour moi.
    C’est donc avec beaucoup de plaisirs que je te suivrais sur ce nouveau blog…
    Merci pour cette excellente idée, je pense que ce nouveau blog va nous apporter beaucoup et j’adore cette idée de “compagnon télépathique”;

    Belle fin de semaine à toutes.

  4. hallo Itto!
    ich würde mich freuen, an deinem neuen Abenteuer teilnehmen zu dürfen – auch wenn ich es selber nicht geschafft, eine blog zu führen… ich lese immer deine posts mit sehr grossem Interesse und finde deine Gedanken so schön und anspornend für die anderen.
    also, wenn du mich akkzeptierst, würde ich mich sehr freuen, an deinem neuen Abenteuer teilnehmen zu dürfen.

  5. Salam alaykom…

    Well, Al hamdullilah.. I find it very amazing at times how things work out… that someone across the ocean could be going through almost same thing as I.

    I was just re-evaluating my own life situation and what kind of changes to be made for my happiness…

    so cool.. count me in Itto!!

  6. Liebe Itto,
    du weisst einiges aus meiner Geschichte; ich würde gerne teilnehmen an dieser Healing Community. Möglicherweise habe ich ja auch einiges erlebt, das ich mit anderen teilen kann. Der neue Blog wird uns helfen, einander zu helfen…
    Herzlich, Katarina

  7. I want to thank you for posting your list of books I recently purchased the book In The Early Hours, I am thoroughly enjoying the read. I wish you peace in your new blog, I love this blog I come to it for inspiration and a feeling of calmness thank you for sharing. I hope you will continue this lovely blog.

  8. Liebe Itto,
    welch eine wundervolle Idee von Dir! Der Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten oder Gleichfühlenden ist so wertvoll. Ich danke Dir für die Möglichkeit, mir Gedanken über mein Inner Child machen zu dürfen und für die vielen Denkanstöße und möchte gern Teil der Healing Community sein.

    Liebste Grüße und einen segensreichen Freitag für Dich.
    Deine Steffi

  9. assalaamu alaikum,
    count me in too insha’allah… an introspective look at my life is long overdue..this just might be the incentive I need masha’allah

  10. Bismillah,
    Yes, I need this too. I’m not 100% clear on how to proceed (with the technical details), but I’m sure you’ll help me figure it out. Great idea Itto. I love you for Allah’s sake.

  11. BismIllah wa as salaamu alayki!

    What a blessing to have been introduced to your blog! I have a blog, which is in its very essence my “place” and “me”. I would definitely term it a “healing”, so count me in!

    I wrote about my dream of Sunnah living…and you are pretty much doing it over there, mashaa’Allah. Subhaan Allah, what a blessing to be closer to a state of zuhd. May you please Allah, subhaana wa taala, every day of your life and bask in the rewards of His Pleasure in this life and in the loftiest places in Al Firdaus – ameen!

    You are a kindred spirit!

    Much love,


  12. Bismillah,
    Itto, thanks to you I am going to give a try at this world of blogging. i had contemplated it for a long time but wasn’t sure if i should do it. Here i am! with a wordpress account and some thoughts that need organizing.

  13. Salaam Alaikum Chere Itto,
    Je voudrais vous rejoindre, est-ce que votre blog est toujours ouvert?
    Je suis tellement inspiree chaque fois que je vous lis; j’adore etre inspiree,
    mais je suis plus particuliere a ce moment a propros des blogs que je lis (en cherchant la proximite d’Allah!)
    je voudrais faire partie de ce nouveau blog (si c’est possible).

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