Repurposing Yarn


Do you remember my first repurposing-post? I think it is time again to see how we can live a greener life, producing more handmade love and less impact on this world, inchaallah.

Today I wanna show you what you can do with old sweaters, woollen scarves, socks and trousers you do not wear any more.

Instead of throwing them away, unpick them and re-use the yarn to knit something new or to weave a beautiful carpet – just as my neighbour MammaAli whom you see doing here a colourful knotted Berber rug.

Happy week, friends!


2 thoughts on “Repurposing Yarn

  1. Salaam dear, I love to repurpose my sweaters too! Only you have to be careful with commercial knits. If they’re done a certain way on the knitting machines (the large pieces cut and then sewn together) it’s not possible to unravel them! You have to check the seam to be sure.

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