Simply Breakfast


Salam alaikoum friends,

I wanted to thank you all for the touching, deep, heartfelt and open responses to my healing-post. It was amazing and a relief to see how many of you are on the same way.
I really hope that we all find ways for a successful healing, to become whole and healthy, may Allah guide us and help us on this difficult path, ameen.
… I am looking forward to share parts of this journey with you amongst all the other things my blog is about.
For today I leave you with an impression of a peaceful Moroccan spring breakfast (Berber bread, olive oil and sweet green tea) and with the announcement that this great yummy photography blog is back: !!


4 thoughts on “Simply Breakfast

  1. Your home has a simple loveliness, Itto. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your days.

    Please stop by and read my latest update. Things have been really crazy at our household,and I just wanted you to know. (())

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