May Blessings


Picking flowers – enjoying the lush green nature – drawing and sketchbook making – playing with water- being outside – observing animals – being inspired by lovely Melissa

dreaming – running – laughing – singing – enjoying –wondering – breathing and more healing…

thanks God, subhanallah, I love the month of May!


6 thoughts on “May Blessings

  1. Liebe Itto, ich liebe ihn auch, den Monat Mai! Obwohl – bei uns ist es kalt und grau, ich musste sogar wieder einfeuern. Aber die Tulpen blühen, es sind junge Häsli geboren worden, die Bäume blühen … und wie jedes Jahr berührt mich das zarte Frühlingsgrün!
    Herzliche Grüsse, Katarina

  2. salam aleikoum itto,
    j’aime aussi beaucoup ce mois de mai….même si cette année le beau temps se fait attendre…
    on profite quand même des premiers fruits et légumes du jardin, vive les fraises et les salades !

    bonne journée,

  3. Awesome. Beautiful.
    I enjoy reading the comments in German and trying to decipher what is being said.
    You blog so well in English masha Allah.

  4. AA Itto,
    I love May also. I planted some flowers in pots and put them on my deck.
    I find myself going to look at them many times throughout the day. SubanAllah…I find it so amazing how much joy and peace a few pots of
    flowers can bring.

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