Spring Dyeing – The Iris flower


Spring is really here now, alhamdulillah, and the iris flowers we’ve planted last year after baby’s birth are in full blossom, subhanallah. What a beautiful violet ocean… 
It’s been a long time that I haven’t dyed wool. But now with these lilac gems in my garden I simply had to give it a go again.
I didn’t found any information about iris-dyeing online, so I started deliberately by giving the carded wool, some withered iris flowers and a bit of alum into a big cooking pot with a lot of cold water. Then I slowly brought it to boil, turned off the heat and left the whole “juice” over night.
The next day my wool came out in a beautiful light turquoise green colour – mashaallah.

I liked that colour so much that I took the used colour bath again and gave some cotton fabric in, which got that lovely colour as well, even darker than the wool.

Ah subhanallah, there is simply no colour as beautiful to my eye as nature dyed wool and fabric!
I am so impressed by the beauty of the outcome and even kind of proud of that discovery because, you know, getting these blue-green colours out of nature is not that easy and I had same results only with red cabbage.

So here’s now off now to some more dyeing and felting, yours itto …. wishing you a blessed Friday!


2 thoughts on “Spring Dyeing – The Iris flower

  1. Hallo Itto,
    immer wieder freue ich mich zu sehen, wie es bei dir Frühling ist und blüht.
    Interessant auch dein Bericht über das Färben mit Pflanzen.
    Alles Liebe und Gute

  2. mashaAllah, jazakAllah for sharing with us the beauty of simplicity. we who live in the modern world get so caught up by it all and it’s just lovely to soothe the soul and browse thru your blog. Sister Itto, if you could please send me an e-mail as I wanted to discuss something with you inshaAllah.

    lotsa love

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