A Friend


We’ve spent a blessed week in company of a great Muslim sister and her children who visited us. It was a time to be together, to laugh, to talk and to grow, subhanallah.
And it was a time that made me think about good company and friendships in general.
Isn’t it true that a real friend…  

– opens new horizons to you
– is never shy to question and to give friendly advice
– is a chance to grow
– makes you wanting to better yourself
– is of benefit to your religion, your heart and your soul
– strengthens and supports you in your faith and Deen (Islamic way of life)
– reminds you of Allah in her words, her deeds and with her appearance
– never judges you
– leaves you with a feeling of peace, love and satisfaction
– loves you for the sake of Allah

“Oh you who believe! Be afraid of Allah and be with those who are true”
(Sura 9 At-Taubah, verse 119)

Thanks God for friends and alhamdulillah to Muslim sisterhood!
Wishing you a blessed weekend and good friends at your site!
Salam alaikoum.


8 thoughts on “A Friend

  1. Schön, deine Worte zur Freundschaft; besonders schön auch das Bild dieses Kinderblumenstraußes, einfach so schnell gepflückt, um eine Freude zu machen.
    Genieße es! Bei euch blüht es schon so schön! Hahnenfuß oder echte
    Dotterblumen? Letztere liebe ich sehr und freue mich schon auf meinen Frankreichurlaub, wo sie wachsen…
    Und wir feiern heute Ostern, auch das ein Tage, wo es ganz besonders um Freundschaft, um Gemeinschaft geht, um Wachsen und Hoffnung gegen alle Hoffnungslosigkeit.
    Mit herzlichen Grüße

  2. AlhamduLillah for another beautiful list that just puts everything into perspective.

    I really liked this one: A real friend “is of benefit to your religion, your heart and your soul.”

  3. Esalaam Itto!

    Yes very true about sisterhood! Since living in Algeria I really see and feel the meaning of sisterhood machallah! Happy to see you enjoyed your weekend!

  4. AA Itto,
    Love your “real friend” list…..I feel blessed to have friends that match your description. Al-Hamdilillah. Insha’allah I hope that I can be that “real friend” to my sisters. JAK.

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