Peaceful Spring Moment


… I think it is time for another peaceful moment after all that exhaustion.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and personal suffering. It helps to see that one is not alone with her feelings, so I pray for you and for me, for all mothers out there.

You know, even if it is so very difficult sometimes, I wouldn’t like to change my life, not for the worlds, even in spite of long “down”-phases. And alhamdulillah, at the moment I feel already a bit more “up” …
My husband brought Moroccan pastries. Have you ever tried “cornes de gazelles” or all these beautiful little sweets made of almonds, rose water and orange flavour? (Here are some recipes) – Heavenly!
– And just the right thing for a quiet mommy-alone-afternoon with a cup of tea, a book and some poppy flowers from the garden when hubby and the children are off for a trip… Leaving the dishes unwashed, the laundries unfold and the steps unbrushed, forgetting about all the duties and simply enjoying the moment… such an hour of calm and peace makes really a difference. Subhanallah, it’s the little things that make me happy.

I hope you also have a happy end of that week. Love and Peace friends!

“Look towards those who rank below you, so that you may get used to being thankful, and do not look at those who rank above you, lest you should despise the favours of Allah upon you” ( Ibn Hibban)


9 thoughts on “Peaceful Spring Moment

  1. Assalaumu aleykum, i am sorry that i was being so pessimistic and a bit depressed, like many others i like your blog, read all of it, mashAllah. Like i said, know many moroccon people some of my best friends are moroccon so it is nice to read about life in morocco. My prayers for all the muslimas whose dawah their home. InshaAllah Allah will not burden us more than we can carry. Enjoy your moments alone and with your family, children tend to grow very fast, my oldest is ten already. Sick ones are getting little better, spring is coming slowly but surely to my city, i wouldn’t change my life either, if i had choose again would choose exactly the same…

  2. Asalaamu alaikum,
    Jazak allah khair for the lovely pictures. You remind me that I should (TRY) to make our spaces a little more soft on the eye. Inshallah I am going to be going to yard sales, my favorite way to find interesting and beautiful things for the home. Since the kids were born though, nothing has happened, now it will be easier and fun for them too. I look forward to replenishing my home, and also clearing it out–something I am working on now.
    Lovely Poppies. I am happy to have flowers now too. A small blessing from the yard.

  3. Those pastries look delicious! I remember eating them with the traditional tea, all of it so sweet! You have a lovely way of capturing simple moments and showing their beauty.

  4. Schön, dass es Dir besser geht! Ich würde gern mit Dir am Kitchen-Counter sitzen und Tee mit süßen Stückle genießen.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Itto….happy a feeling of calm has come after the storm{alhamdulilah} I have similar ups and downs….caring for kids is such hard work….!
    love the quote at the end…..
    take care and ejoy your peaceful moments when they come along…

  6. MashAllah! May the spring come full of blessings for you, family and people in your surroundings. Beautiful pictures, as always…

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