Different Blessings


Over the weekend there happened some different sorts of blessings:

– We had the most awful rainy weather possible, with sometimes no electricity or no internet-connection, a lot of wind and water running down the hills. The fields in front of our house became a lake, it was stormy and cold and inside our house it dropped in some rooms, so we had to put towels and basins everywhere. Mud-houses are not really built for such heavy wet weather… But subhanallah, our outside-façade protected the main walls and yesterday, when the sun finally came out again we discovered only some broken pieces on the outside we will have to redo, but nothing really fundamentally bad. Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Allah measuring rain and water and how much He lets pour over us.

– Over a year ago I met sister Brooke through my blog. We came into contact and the last weekend finally she and her lovely family made the way to visit us. Subhanallah, I am so thankful to have met her and I am so happy about their lovely enriching visit. It was a very short one and the weather really bad, but it was a very blessed time, alhamdulillah. And the gifts they brought are really treasured around here now: a selection of great Waldorf-books (soon updated in our books-list), a giant plain paper roll to draw and play on, marbles, dates, coffee, yoghurt, cereals… subhanallah and thanks God for the blessings of internet-friends!

– Through my blog as well I met another dear sister again whom I already knew from meeting twice in Marrakech: Nora. Alhamdulillah, I am so glad that she found my little space here and made me discover her great blog about life in the red city http://moroccomama.wordpress.com. I really recommend reading her blog in which she describes so fantastically well things and reasons about living in Morocco. Mashaallah, and thanks Allah for the blessings of blogging.

What blessings did you experience? What are you thankful for?


6 thoughts on “Different Blessings

  1. Salut Itto,

    Je suis heureuse que vous n’ayez eu que peu de dégâts.

    Ma bénédiction à moi c’est d’avoir eu de tes nouvelles… je suis très sérieuse, tu ne peux pas savoir la joie que ça m’a fait de te lire… cela m’a rendu vraiment très heureuse.

    Je vais aller voir le blog de Nora, merci pour cette adresse.

    Je te souhaite un belle fin de semaine.

  2. Salam Itto,
    Thanks for such a genuine and loving recommendation, I am so touched. I only wish we were not separated by a 3 hour drive, I feel like I benefit so much from you even through your blog.
    My husband and I have both found your blog, and indeed your life, very inspiring. It gives us both hope to know that somewhere up in the mountains, Itto and her little brood are living a life based on beautiful principles that we also hold dear in our hearts.
    Also, I’m happily surprised to read that there is a new baby in your family! Has it really been that long since we saw each other? I hope to meet him/her one day soon.
    Oh, and are there any maisons d’hotes type of place near you? My in-laws arrive next week and we are interested in taking a trip up towards your neck of the woods.

  3. salam aleikoum Itto,
    ce we, la venue de mon petit frère et de son amie m’ont fait plaisir et du bien au moral après une fin de semaine difficile!!!
    le retour du soleil et peut être le début du printemps sont aussi très agréables car il a encore neigé en début de semaine..
    merci pour tout Itto,

  4. Salam alekum Itto! My name is Salma and i live in Sweden, but im originally Egyptian. Also mummy to 2 kids aged 3 and 1.5. I have just come across your blog and i wanted to thank you so much for the peace and inspiration you have given me. It makes me hopeful to see fellow humans and especially muslims striving to live healthy, conscious lives.Mashallah Inshallah i hope one day to be able to get out of the cities and move into a more natural environment, please makes duas for my family that we may achieve this!
    Thank you once again, you now have a new devoted reader. 🙂

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  6. AA Itto,

    I have often “dreamed “. “Wouldn’t it be nice to visit Itto sometime on the way to Egypt.” (DH’s Home)……but after reading Brooke’s post on her visit ……don’t think I’m coming…..not even dreaming it!!!(HEE!!) I hate driving on those mountains roads!………that’s some scary driving!!!!!!!I have traveled mountains roads in Lebanon. Saudia/Arabia…that’s more than enough for me!!!!!!!!Enjoyed your post.

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