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Today I am a bit annoyed; I am tired and feeling down, mashaallah. Baby is still teething and having an eye infection as well. The boys still cough and I am having a little cold as well. I didn’t have had any evening this week for myself. My back hurts from carrying baby around and my head aches from the warm-alpine-wind and the heavy cloudy weather.
But hey friends, this wouldn’t be my place without a positive view and a bit of gratitude…  So let’s try to see the things in a better light…

I am really really thankful that full moon is over since last Sunday, because we feel already much more relaxed over here. And I am so very thankful to have my natural medicine reservoir here. I rely so much on homeopathy and biochemic-cell-salts.

I don’t believe in the healthy effects of antibiotics and chemical medicine – yes, in some serious cases they are great and may help a lot, alhamdulillah – but in general I would always suggest trying natural medicine first. I believe in the importance to look for the causes of an illness and to heal at the bases and not simply to try to get rid of the superficial pain. I believe in the importance to help the body to recover itself – entirely.

Oh my, do you know the comfort of a warm hot-water-bottle, the healing effects of herbal tea with a spoon of real honey, the blessing of onions on an infected ear or olive oil on the bronchial tubes?
And then those little pills that magically help the body to get back its own healing power: Magnesium, Calcium, Chamomilla, Belladonna, Silicea… so many blessings directly taken out of nature. Subhanallah, some of them help so quick that it seems really unbelievable sometimes. Allah really provided a remedy for all illnesses out there in nature.

So we are talking in Latin words and numbers here these days: “can I have a hot-seven”, “I need a number five pill”, “where are the pulsatilla-pills”… and alhamdulillah, it helps.

On the nourished-mama-blog I was reminded of another great healthy thing: pulling oil.
I did it a long time ago and already knew about its healthy benefits, but unfortunately forgot about it. So now I wanna try again to detoxify my body in the mornings by chewing a tablespoon of oil in my mouth, inchaallah.

Realizing all these blessings, I feel already much better and am looking forward to a weekend with hubby, friends and a spring-clean of my body… 

What are your natural magic helpers, friends?
Happy healthy weekend!


14 thoughts on “My personal medicine ABC

  1. Salam alaykum Itto! I’ve found you in cyberspace. It’s Nora in Marrakesh. (I’m assuming you are the same Itto, we met a few times). What an absolutely beautiful blog this is. I love your natural remedies, you remind me of a dear friend of my mom’s, Rashida, who was also German, raising a family in Morocco, and into natural healing. She was an amazing woman, and so are you my friend.
    Love from the big city,

  2. Liebe Itto,
    euch allen gute Besserung, Wärme von innen und außen, und alles im richtigen Maß.
    Gestern abend, beim WeltGebet, habe ich auch an dich gedacht und mich mit dir verbunden gefühlt.

  3. salam aleikoum Itto,
    like you I believe in “homeopathie” and plants medicin. but antibiotics are so helpful sometimes!!after all all medicin comes from plants or animals. Allah provide all. men just concentrate the “principe actif”. but I do not like anti inflammatory that people take when they have an headache, I think they make me dependant. and I think pills against depression can be dangerous if they are taken in a wrong way…
    and little baby here has also an eye infection…
    good day!

  4. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Black seed oil (habbatul barakah) is the most amazing natural medicine and mentioned in the hadith as a cure for every disease. We use it a lot. Its been so effective for so many things.

  5. Liebe Itto,
    ja, doch, solche Fläschchen und Tuben gibt’s bei mir auch! Im Moment brauche ich vor allem Solum Oliginosum (Globuli) und Thuja-Tropfen wegen der Bestrahlungen. Und Gold-Salbe für die strapazierte, verbrannte Haut. Ich mache auch Wickel bei allerlei Beschwerden (habe mal einen Kurs besucht) und finde Schüsslersalze und Bachblüten eine gute Sache!
    Dabei keinesfalls zu vergessen: An Gottes Segen ist alles gelegen!
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende mit deiner Familie – ich denke so oft an dich/euch!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  6. Raw garlic. As soon as we’re feeling an infection coming, we have a slice of bread with some butter, thhinly sliced or crushed clove of garlic (not more than one as it’s hard on the digestive system) and a little salt or a slice of cheese on top. Stinky but more effective than all other remedies put together 🙂 And a mug of herbal-spicy brew (ginger, pepper, cinnammon, turmeric, cardamom for taste), with lemon and honey.

  7. i wish i had more of a saying on what my family takes when we’re sick. My husband doesn’t believe in any of it.
    Sorry, just a bit grumpy today.

  8. Salam dearest sister Itto, sorry I have not been visiting your blog for quite sometime, my little children are keeping me busy every second! My husband and I believe in alternative medicine and would avoid conventional medicine at all cost. I would like to share with you this two books by Dr. Cass Ingram; “The Cure is in the Cupboard” and “The Miracles of Wild Oregano”. Please read them when you get a chance. There are full of useful and safe tips. Thanks for sharing your natural healing recipes:) As usual, I love the pictures you’ve uploaded:)

  9. I am eager to learn more about homeopath and also to expand and practice the bits of natural medicine I know. I know there are homepaths available in the Maarif and I have to go find them, insha Allah! Do you know the “wet sock” treatment? It works wonderfully for fevers and earaches. Badier once had a bad fever–had e-coli and we were waiting for test results–so I wrapped his hegs in lemon soaked cool socks and the fever came down very quickly. I have also seen firsthand some of what Steiner and others talk about how after children experience illnesses there is a marked degree of maturity in them. I have similar experiences with artistic and emotional growths after illnesses. SubhanAllah.
    Here is some info about wet sock treatment and I’m off to read about this “pulling” hmmm:

  10. Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullah,

    You have a beautiful blog! The peace and serenity that comes through in your writing is beautiful, masha’Allah. Here in Jordan, I’m unfamiliar with some of the local herbs. I also fear using those that are in the city because of the exhaust fumes, subhana’Allah. Also, we don’t have any homeopathic remedies and alternative medicine is not widely available, if at all, so I’m at a loss here, subahna’Alalh. I do use myrrh for colds and viruses, but most other remedies/herbs are not within reach.

    I am, however happy that you are able to heal naturally, especially with regards to your children, masha’Allah.

    All the best & salamu alikum wa rahmatullah,
    um Ahmad

  11. AA Itto,
    I’m a little behind on my blog reading……. Enjoyed your post as well as all the comments. I drink a glass of water with honey each morning as was the habit of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)and a take a tsp of black seed oil a few times a week and have been oil pulling for about a month.
    And to relieve stress …I find a walk and a little reflexology is all I need!!!!
    I’d like to learn more about homeopathy and am definitely going to read the link Brooke posted…… “Wet sock ” Never heard of it!!

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