Spring Clean


It is going to be this time of the year when the almonds blossom, the fields get green again and I feel the big urge to spring clean our life and living.
Just as Allah cleans the nature with rain, beautifies it with flowers and green grass and clears it up with fresh winds, subhanallah, I feel the need to do so as well with my little spaces. It is once again all about beautifying and creating a blissful home and about implementing new inspiration and fresh ideas.

So I decided to dedicate this new month to “Spring Clean 2010”, inchaallah.
Not only do I want to do a deep cleaning of the whole house, but also purify our bodies and souls. I wanna clean up hidden corners around our home but as well those in my mind. I wanna beautify the rooms but as well beautify my Iman (faith) with some new knowledge. I wanna renew our wardrobes but as well our meal-plan.
I already sat down and thought about all the things that need a clean and a change. I made a list to write down all the ideas for changes around the house and for what to do in every room along with the regular weekly cleaning. I collected ideas for new decoration items, for crafting ideas, fresh wardrobe design and healthier meals…
So here’s a lot to do, inchaallah, and maybe I will give you some updates along this month on how we’re going on with all of it.
But for now, I leave you with a “salamou alaikoum and happy March!” and with some fresh ideas to get inspired:

Some spiritual decoration and design 
How to clean up the kid’s room
Lovely felted boxes in different forms


13 thoughts on “Spring Clean

  1. Liebe Itto,
    ich freue mich, denn heute ist de 1. März! Nach einer sehr stürmischen Nacht ist die Natur hier mehr als gewaschen. Es sieht hier eher nach Schleudergang aus. Aber der Schnee ist endlich weg und es kann grün werden. Ich spüre das gleiche Verlangen wie Du: Ich will zuhause ausmisten, die Küche gründlich putzen und mich von unnützen Dingen befreien.
    Meine Deko-Ecken sind auch schon ganz auf Frühling eingestellt: Osterglocken und Kirschzweige.

    Liebste Grüße

  2. masha’allah..it’s always good to blow away the dmestic and spiritual cobwebs…i should really get going and do the same while I have time left before the baby arrives insha’allah…maybe this was the inspiration I needed….we’ll see !!!
    Have fun recreating harmony in your happy home this month….

  3. subhanallah its like reading my thoughts…..I actually lay in bed restless last night as I just wanted to get up and clean, declutter, organise ect….thank you for the links and I really love the felted baskets….

  4. Salam alaykom Itto!!

    Masha’Allah I love the pictures as usual 🙂 makes me feel like I stopped by for a cup of tea or coffee and we sat down and had a little chat .
    Yay for internet !
    I am going back to work four days a week starting next Monday , al hamdullilah.
    please tell us how the children are and lets see how much the baby has grown! what is she doing new?

  5. Liebe Itto,
    ja, der Frühling kommt – obwohl bei uns noch fast 20 cm Schnee liegen, war heute die Wärme der Frühlingssonne deutlich zu spüren!
    Danke für deine schönen Bilder und die guten Gedanken dazu!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  6. AA itto,
    Lovely post and so inspiring….hmmm… like the idea of going through house and making plans for each room. How exciting!!!I’ll do that now Insha’allah and start the cleaning as soon as the snow melts. Need to see green before my spring cleaning can officially start.:)

  7. Salam ma chère Itto,

    Ce post réchauffe mon coeur, dans ma montagne, l’hiver ne semble pas vouloir s’arrêter et tes images me donnent un avant goût de printemps…

    Je t’embrasse


  8. I always feel such a sense of peace and inspiration when I visit your beautiful space here. I feel the same way when spring arrives, though it is a little slower in coming over here!

  9. Dein Blog wird immer schöner- und ich immer sehnsüchtiger und ein wenig melanchloisch, wenn ich ihn lese…
    bora aus der Schweiz

  10. Aslamu alakum
    everyone is spring cleaning but i beilve it starts earlier in North Africa than the UK. I like your felting and the book holder mashaallah and thank you for sharing.

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