Simply Breakfast and a Reflection


Do you remember my series “Simply breakfast and a quote”? It’s been a long time I haven’t posted one… so here you see today’s breakfast: Roibush tea with milk, Berber-bread with butter and “Aisha crème Ipomée”.

Have you ever tasted sweet potato spread? I’ve talked about it already once on my old blog. The best Moroccan jam brand “Aisha” distributes it and it tastes great!

A little bit like a mixture of chestnut-spread and caramel, but more fruity.

If you would like to do it at home, you find a recipe here (in French language).

Another thing that makes me really happy is the design of that delicious roibosch-tea. Have you seen the lovely picture of mother and daughter drinking tea together? Very old-school and very kitschy, but I simply love it…

After my breakfast I am reading at the moment once again Elma Ruth Harder’s book “Concentric Circles”, a great Muslim book on homeschooling and early learning. And here is some reflection out of it for today:

“Do I take time to reflect?
How did I use my time today?
Did I lose or waste any time?
Do I think of my time as a test?
If I am held accountable for how I have spent my minutes today, am I happy with my day?
If the worthwhile moments were collected onto one side of a balance scale, and the unworthwhile moments were placed on the other, which side of the balance would be heavier?
Do I think of my time as a gift?
Do I begin my day with a sense of true celebration, considering it a time for gratitude and joyous expression?
Am I thankful for each new day?”

Wishing you a joyful Sunday with lots of moments to be thankful for! Assalamou alaikoum.



5 thoughts on “Simply Breakfast and a Reflection

  1. We have guests staying, so we’ll be having a big fat Hamshin/Turkish breakfast this morning. Most days, though, I forget to eat before I jump in the car and head for work. I must start to find a better balance. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love rooibos tea…..people drink it alot in South Africa and I still drink it here in the Uk…..
    I definetly am not thankful enough for my time and am still learning to use it wisely….

  3. MashAllah I come to your blog and feel like a nice cup of tea.
    May Allah give you barakah in all your endeavours for all the inspiration you impart through this blog

  4. Assalamu alaikoum Itto, two seconds ago, before I came to your blog, I was thinking that I must go and visit a friend of mine and see if she has finished with ‘Concentric Circles’, as I lent it to her some time ago!….and then I thought, I must have a look at Itto’s blog, I haven’t been there for a while….subhan Allah, now I’m chuckling to myself!

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