10 Things I believe…


pictures taken on our last weekends walk 


– first and above all I believe in Allah and His wonderful religion “Islam” with all its pillars and parts, alhamdulillah.
– I believe in the importance of compassion for the other instead of condemning or judging him.
– I believe in the good in every human being.
– I believe that we always have a choice (at least the choice to look at things in a different way).
– I believe that all we give comes back in a certain way,
so “Do Good and forget about it – it will never be lost”.
– I believe in the importance of a deep parent-child-connection through attachment-parenting and accepting the child as the person he is.
– I believe in the healing effects of nature and that Allah has created plants out there for the cure of all sorts of illnesses, if He wants us to be healed, subhanaallah.
– I believe that spring is already on its way to our valley, subhanallah!
– I believe in the power of the womanly God-given instincts.
– I believe that everything happens in divine destiny and for a good reason, even though we do not understand why some things happen sometimes. 

What do you believe in right now? 

Blessed weekend friends, and thank you so much for your positive reaction on our big project!



8 thoughts on “10 Things I believe…

  1. I believe in leaving things up to Allah, especially when we think we have things under control. After all Allah is the best of planners…
    May spring come our way soon inshAllah… still under the freezing point here but Alhamdulillah this is time to cozy up at home.

  2. Moi, je crois en toi et je serai à tes côtés pour ton projet !
    Je crois aussi en l’être humain et que la vie est faite de rencontre qui nous aident à trouver notre chemin.
    Je crois en la vie, quoi qu’il arrive !

  3. Mashallah.
    I Belive Allah gives me all the goodness i diserve if i seek it.
    I Belive Allah always watches over me and protectes me.

    Right now I´am soo blessed, alhamdullilah.

  4. salam aleikoum Itto,
    I believe in Allah and that we as muslims must respect other religion, cultures and thoughts which are different of ours even if it is sometimes difficult.
    and I believe that my little 2 months girl only says “mum” !!! I’m so objectiv!!

    laun rrbi


  5. AA,

    oooooo….Nora…I believe your two month is saying..mum,too!! ..that’s so cute!!!!!!
    I believe in the mercy,power and never ending blessing of Allah(swt). I believe anything is possible.

  6. Ma chère Itto,

    Je crois en Allah et que celui-ci est miséricordieux, je crois que si mon chemin est difficile pour aller vers lui, il me tend la main et bénit chacun de mes petits pas………..

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