The Traveller´s Praying Mat


When we prepared for our travel trip, I realized there was a need for a little, lightweight, easy-to-carry prayer mat to take away with us.
So I sewed this little foldable rug out of light African cotton.
It’s an easy two-sides-pattern with some seams to fold on and a string to bind together.
On the upper side’s head part I did a little abstract appliqué to mark the Quibla (the prayer direction) and to make clear how to put the mat on the floor. It symbolizes the Kaaba (the holy house) in Mecca and I did it in green, which is called to be colour of Islam, the colour of peace.

Now that we are on our journey, I am really happy to have made that mat, alhamdulillah. It is so light and so little and really easy to put into a handbag. We carry it with us all the time so that we are ready to make the prayers wherever we are.

… Up and away… wishing you a blessed weekend from Europe! Salamou alaikoum.


14 thoughts on “The Traveller´s Praying Mat

  1. mashallah ,love it , i might even attempt to make one inshallah when i get better at my sewing machine….still practising in straight lines mashallah

  2. Assalamu alaikum, Dear Itto and family…Europe! You must be freezing! May hearts be warmed as you prostrate on that beautiful prayer mat! Keep us in your ‘accepted’ Du’a while you are away, Insha’Allah.
    Wassalamu alaikum

  3. Peace be upon you sister Itto, very creative indeed! The green “Kaaba” is a good contrast against the rich blue African cotton. Nice color choice:)

  4. MashAllah! I know you must be very busy with your family but you should consider making these mats available for sale.

  5. I really love the colours. Lila and blue. Beautiful.

    Have a nice trip to Europe. If you come North be sure to have some warm snowclothes in your suitcase 😉


  6. masha’allah it’s beautiful…I had making a prayer mat on my 101 list..and yours just might be the one I do…I’m officailly in love with it!!!

  7. mashaAllah sister, this is very beautiful 🙂 I’ve always wanted to make my own prayer mat, inshaAllah if I ever do I will definitely refer back to this post!

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