Happy New Year 1431… and the Winner is…


As the prophet (sws) said: “Exchange gifts and mutual love arises”…
So, I am happy to announce that the little felted giveaway goes to: Fauz.
Congratulations, dear sister, please would you write me your address to: itto.berber@ gmail.com

And thanks to everyone else who left a comment. They really brought me so much joy, fulfilment and a warm feeling, “barak Allahu fikum” and may God bless you all!

And to all Muslims I wish a blessed and Happy New Year 1431 after Hijjrah!
May you be blessed with all things good, with love, health and a strong Iman (faith); and most of all with Allah’s pleasure, ameen.

“Jumuah moubarak”, friends!


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 1431… and the Winner is…

  1. Praise be to Allah s.w.t.!

    Peace be unto you sister Itto,

    what a way to start a new year! And yes, Ma’al Hijrah to you and your family too:) I look forward to receiving the precious handmade felted item from you dear sister. Shukran sister Itto!:)

    “Those who act kindly in this world will have kindness.” Qur’an 39.10

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