Peaceful Moments – wanna join me?!

comfort morning milchkaffee comfort morning read notiz 
comfort morning read schoss comfort morning read 
dua und tasse dua platz 

_maybe the most important moment during day for me is right after waking up and having prayed fajr. I love my morning coffee -ritual with some Islamic read. I enjoy every sip, mhmm: milky and without sugar. I love sitting in the kitchen, getting some inspiration, doing some notes and enjoying the early sunlight coming in… a perfect start into a new day, alhamdulillah_

After my post about the time management, I thought it could be a great thing to share moments of peace, ease and comfort. 

So I wanna begin kind of a series of posting every now and then pictures of my most treasured me-time-moments in daily life with children: Moments that keep a promise of release, of renewed energies and gathered beauty in the mundane; moments that keep me sane and healthy and help me going through my day.

I would really love to know more about your personal moments of peace during your daily life struggles and I wanna invite you to join me on this capturing-journey, to get inspired, to inspire others and to remember the little blessings in our life (apart from the sweetest blessing of having kids, subhanallah).

Instead of tagging some of you, I simply suggest that you leave a comment here with your blog-address if you want, so that we all know you’ve joined in.
I am looking forward to visit your blogs and to meet on “peaceful moments”.

Happy weekend! Salamu alaikoum!

8 thoughts on “Peaceful Moments – wanna join me?!

  1. I’m still trying to work those moments of peace into my new routine….looking forward to achieving them eventually though…may allah ta’ala bless you with many more of them, ameen

  2. As-Salam aleikoum sisters,

    MashaAllah, my quiest moment during the day is also after fajr prayer…kids sleep, I make salat and stay awake to memorise some ayats of Qu’ran, then I have breakfast as you do Itto, coffee and milk without sugar…with my favourite biscuits…no breakfast without biscuits…

    And for all this I need to be ALONE, I really need these moments in loneliness…feel that I have some time for me, and to give some of this little time to Allah.


  3. Liebe Itto,
    bei mir sind die frühen Morgenstunden keine Momente der Stille, das erste, was ich morgens höre ist ein ambitioniertes “Bagger”! aus dem Mund meines Sohnes, der mit leuchtenden Augen um ca. 6 Uhr im Bettchen steht! Dann geht es auch schon zack zack los!
    Als Junis noch nicht auf der Welt war, war die Stunde nach dem Aufwachen für mich auch die schönste, weil die Welt dann noch so unberührt ist und man alles wie zum ersten Mal erlebt. Ich bin dann oft mit dem Hund raus gegangen und habe die Morgenluft und die Stille genossen. Gestern waren wir auch draußen, Junis und ich (der Hund hat außer Haus geschlafen) und es war wunderschön.

    Im Moment sind die Minuten nachdem ich Junis ins Bett gebracht habe, die schönsten des Tages. Ich habe Feierabend und endlich Zeit für mich. Dann lege ich mich aufs Sofa in die kuschelige Ecke, decke mich zu und entspanne beim Fernsehen und neuerdings Stricken…ahh, das ist schön.

    Dir eine wundervolle (im Sinne des Wortes) Woche liebe Itto.

    xx Steffi

  4. Dear Itto,
    You’re such an inspiration!. I love your blog. My favorite times are also early morning. Quiet prayer time, a nice cup of tea,watching the sunrise,surfing the web, working on my online courses. I treasure the quiet.

  5. I certainly would not want to join you, considering Im a bro, but masha’allah, you can see the serenity in the pictures that is for certain!

    Love the blog!

    -Abul Layth

  6. AA Itto,sisters,
    I find peaceful moments walking with my dh, watching the birds from my window, and making duaa, late at night.
    …..but my truly “peaceful” moments are when all my children and grandchildren are home and happy…and my house is thundering with noise ….ahhhhhh so “peaceful”……. because at last my heart is content.

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