Crafty Greetings

handmade home buch kamin handm banner buch 
handm banner schneid handm banner all 
handm lovekissen pinselfarbe blau 
handm teppich handt stecken handm badtepp 

Just a quick hello and thank you so much for the lovely energy and words you’ve sent me after my last post – they really touched me.

With these pictures of my latest crafty outcome (an “inchaallah”-banner, a love-cushion and a bathroom-rug) I wanna wish you a beautiful blessed Friday!

I was inspired, felt in love with and want to recommend soulemamas new book to all handmade-lovers and to everybody who wants to bring more crafted bliss into his home…

Jumuah moubarak, friends!


6 thoughts on “Crafty Greetings

  1. Aslamu alakum ukti
    i love your crafts mashaAllah and ideas . i want to make a banner too, what will yours read?

  2. I doubt the book is available in Jordan, but will look. I love the banner idea and I would love to make something like that since the Eid decorations that we buy are always made of this thin material that RIPS every time we put them up. So, we end up buying more sill decorations. When I have more time I hope to use up scraps that I have just boxes of and we can make something similar. May Allah bless you. Your pictures just make my day every time I open your blog. MashAllah.

  3. salamou alaikoum sisters
    and thank you so much for your nice comments.
    I bought the book online. it really is a great source of inspiration as well as the first book of the author.
    the word-banner I did reads “inchaallah”, it hangs now in our hall and reminds me everytime I pass by, that all things are possible and open and everything lays in the hand of Allah alone.
    I also liked the words “bismillah” (in the name of Allah), “subhanallah” and “alhamdulillah” (praise be to Allah)…
    xxx itto

  4. So glad you have some time to yourself to craft…it’s always so nice to return to routine after baby is born. For me, routine include crafting! I love the crafts you’ve chosen.

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