By the Fig…

feigenschale feigen 
granatapfel auf granatapfel 

“By the Fig and the Olive…” (Qur’an, Sura 95)

I love this time of the year, alhamdulillah, really, there are so many blessing just in the variety of food this season provides. The figs are ripe now and so are the pomegranates: lovely and sweet, fresh and juicy, red and delicious!
And they all have so many benefits in them. Have you ever thought of all the blessings God gifted us within just a single fruit? Subhanallah!

Figs are good against insomnia, memory loss, fatigue, constipation, blood pressure, stress, and they are very healthy and beneficial for the skin, the heart, our bones and the digestive system.

“… and We bring forth gardens of grapes, and the olive and the pomegranate, alike and unlike.”

The pomegranate (named several times in the Qu’ran, for example in Sura 6, verse 99 and 141) settle palpitations of the heart, it prevents and even destroys breast and other cancer, and it lowers bad cholesterol and helps against Alzheimer disease and osteoarthritis.
It is also reported that one who eats three pomegranate in the course of a year will be inoculated against inflammation of the eye for that whole year, and its said that pomegranate “cleanses you of Satan and from evil aspirations for 40 days.”

“There is not a pomegranate which does not have a pip from one of the pomegranate of the Garden (of Jannah/paradise) in it.”[Abu Nu’aim]

So we enjoy now, just as we did last year, and hope not to loose a single one of those sweet little pips that are a promise of paradise from our Lord.


6 thoughts on “By the Fig…

  1. Coucou Itto,

    ça y est je suis de retour en France!
    Et enfin je prends le temps de venir à nouveau sur ton blog.

    J’aurai tant de choses à te raconter… à te dire, à te demander…

    J’ai une boule au coeur comme à chaque fois que je rentre du Maroc. Sauf que là j’ai un sentiment de frustration. Je n’ai pas fait tout ce que j’aurai voullu et j’ai qu’une seule hâte c’est de revenir très vite… en avril Incha Hallah

    Je t’embrasse très fort

  2. salam alaikum,

    how wonderful to think that each pomegrant we eat there is something form jannah in it …I had my first of the season yesterday masha’allah.
    barakallahu fiki Itto

  3. … wunderbare Bilder von herrlichen Früchten…
    und hier bei uns wunderbare Äpfel und Birnen ….
    wie schön und vielfältig die Schöpfung doch ist!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Assalamu alaykum Itto,
    I love those figs. When I was little we used to have a big plant in my garden and every autumn my sister and I used to climb up with a basket and eat those lovely figs. The green variety you showed in pics it doesn’t exist here in UK. But back home, in Italy, that’s the one we eat and it is a must!! So delicious!! Jazakillah for sharing those lovely reminders from the Qur’an. Truly Allah loves us. Hamdulillah.
    wa alaykum assalam

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