Handmade Love

filzen blume blüte legen filzen  blète schaum 
filzen stil filzen blume stilan 
filzschaum filzen teehalter 
filzen blumen und tee fenster filzteehalter 

Some pictures from the last two felting-group meetings; a whole lot of handmade love…

While cleaning up the house, I always find a lot of “stuff” in my children’s room: broken pieces of plastic-cars, destroyed toys and a lot of nothing (undefined little things that maybe once have been something).
That always makes me sad and thinking about the throw-away-society we have become over the last century and it makes me wishing for a more sustainable living and for striving to more conscious consumption and for better manners in our own little life.

How much more beauty is in handmade and natural things, how much more soul, love and meaning in good quality work!
I am not just talking about toys, no, about nearly everything such as furniture, food, clothes, household objects and so on…
All that cheap (or even not so cheap) factory-made-plastic-stuff, all the synthetic clothes, the precooked and chemically-processed food, this all is just not good! – Not good for our bodies, nor for our souls, neither for the environment, nor for the society in general.
It is only about quick consuming and fast living and about throwing away and buying always new. Masha’allah.

Where is the love for handmade, for true values and the worth of manmade things gone? Where the appreciation for wood and wool, for homemade and handmade did went to?

How much more aesthetics is in natural handmade things, how much more nourishes a homemade meal not only the body but as well the heart and the soul? How much more speak natural goods to all our senses?

All the tastes, the colours, the shapes and the smells within natural things honour God’s creation, and the work someone put in it with his own hands makes the thing a prayer itself. Subhanalllah!

I say YES to homemade, to eco, organic and natural, to vintage, to repurposing, to recycling and to doing things by my own hands!
I say YES to declutter our house and to refill it with love and nature!

I feel an enormous wish to create and to make things now and I think the upcoming cold season is a perfect time to implement some warm handmade and homemade to our lives.
So let’s go and try some new recipes, some new crafting projects and some greener living!

… Off to a whole lot of making… and a happy crafty weekend to you, friends!

By the way, I got Amanda’s new book “Handmade Home” – a perfect inspiration on that topic…


6 thoughts on “Handmade Love

  1. Liebe Itto,
    Fülle, gefülltes Leben statt Überfluss – du hast das wunderbar ausgeführt.
    Nicht alles, was wir wollen, ist umsetzbar, aber doch vieles. Obst von der eigenen schwäbischen Wiese im Keller, handgestrickte Socken tragen sich einfach besser, die einfachen Möbel, die mein Mann unserer Tochter fürs Studentenzimmer gebaut hat, sind wunderbar – vieles ließe sich ergänzen.
    Was brauchen wir dazu? Zeit vor allem. Zeit haben ist ein großes Geschenk, das wir uns manchmal nehmen müssen.
    Dir wünsche ich eine schöne Winterzeit mit vielen guten Ideen

  2. Liebe, liebe Itto,
    einmal mehr schreibst du mir aus der Seele! In Hand- und Hausgemachtem steckt ja nicht nur viel Liebe, sondern auch viel Wissen und Fähigkeit. Es ist so wichtig, dass wir in erster Linie die Liebe, aber auch das handwerkliche Wissen und die haushälterischen (!) Fähigkeiten an unsere Kinder weitergeben. Und auch an unsere Freund/innen, Nachbar/innen usw.
    Unter anderem deshalb schätze ich die Möglichkeiten, die wir heutzutage haben, wie zum Beispiel Blogs. Dass dem Weitergeben dadurch fast keine Grenzen mehr gesetzt sind, ist immerhin eine gute Seite unserer Zeit!
    Herzliche Grüsse aus dem frühwinterlichen Wägital,

  3. I don’t like the throw-away toy thinking either. My daughter had a Barbie-type doll when she was young, she wanted to throw it away because the foot had broken off (she was putting little shoes on it). I had to think about what she would learn if we throw away something for not being perfect, and especially with a doll. She ended up taping it up and keeping it, I didn’t want her to think that handicapped people were society’s throwaways either.

    The best toys for children are the crafty-type. Children are learning to be creative while they are playing. I would give my daughter scraps of computer paper, scissors, crayons, water paints, etc. and sit and cut out things, make little mobils, decorations for the ice box, etc. She ended up being very creative after starting school. I overlooked those craft-messes because she was happy, busy and learning.

  4. Wonderful felting. How interesting. I saw a lot of felt work in Turkey. Something new and different to me. I wonder how hard it is to make.

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  6. This is such a beautiful site, so much care and love goes into your work, your words, your images. I am really happy to have found you 🙂
    How wonderful that you are trying to live a more sustainable life in your awareness of the ‘things’ around you. I live in England where the consumer society is just gearing up for its usual Christmas frenzy. I will be glad not to be a part of it and just light a candle and give my parents a hug!

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