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A lovely friend of mine is pregnant, alhamdulillah, and she recently asked me for some recommendations about what she will need for her first baby. So I post my thoughts and experiences after three kids right here, maybe someone else will find it helpful as well.
First, know that you will not need a lot of things, because the most important things you are already carrying with you: your motherly love, comforting arms and the milk your body provides – mashaallah, all the essentials are there with you! Just follow your natural instinct and all will go well, inchaallah.

But ok, there are still a few things you will need apart, so let’s see what I really find important and please don’t forget that these are personal experiences and your situation may ask for other things. I really like how Meg put this in words on her post.

We are practicing a natural family living and sort of attachment parenting and that means in short that baby co-sleeps in our bed (all our kids still do), because it simply seems normal to us and it is so much easier to breastfeed and to feel the needs of a baby if it sleeps near to the mother.
It also means that I am fully breastfeeding baby until now (5 months) and longer, inchaallah, because the God-given mother-milk is the best we can feed our babies with and no factory-made-thing can replace its benefits.
And it means that we use cloth diapers (except during nights) and I carry my baby in a sling all the time she cries, needs love, contact and warmth.

So here is my have-to have-list for newborns and their mamas:

2 woollen sleeping bags
2 baby-caps
2 woollen long-sleeved shirts
4 cotton bodies
2 pairs of woollen socks
2 little woollen blankets
lambskin to lie on and a cotton cloth for the head-part
I really recommend using natural materials for the clothes and especially for the first weeks I think sleeping-bags or loose comfortable baby-clothes are best and I don’t think that baby has to be stylish and chic then- it has to feel comfortable and welcomed in this oh so cold and new world… (for all these things I love this shop). 

25 cloth diaper sets 
3 woollen/plastic trousers (I use these)
body oil to clean
cream for the bottom
a place to change nappies (it also can be a simple towel you place on the floor wherever you are and a box with all the things you need)

bath tub
big towel
thermometer (to take the bath temperature)

a sling to carry baby (here’s the using-tutorial)
2 nursing bras for the mother
2 pairs of silk, woollen or cotton nursing-bra-inlays 

a place to sleep during the days, near to mom’s main working area (we use a mattress in the kitchen corner but it could be a cradle or something else)
suckle (I used them after 6 weeks and it really calms my baby, alhamdulillah)
baby car-seat
baby carriage (we do not use one because it is not possible in that stony-hilly environment here)
Your baby will not need much more during the first few months and especially toys and all that stuff you really will not need. Your body, babies own hands, a scarf or a suckle is way enough for baby to play with.

But maybe I should mention that you – the mother – will need some things to treat yourself well: healthy food, enough naps and time to relax, a lot of water and calming teas (like fennel) to drink, things you love and enjoy and sometimes maybe also some chocolate… be kind to yourself and pray and pay gratitude to Allah for the work your body did and will have to do.

I am sure, I forgot something important, so please feel free to comment about what you think, dear mothers!

And to all the first-time-mothers I wish divine blessings and that you may be able to trust in Him and in your inner voice, in your womanly instincts and in the power within yourself! Amen.

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8 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Essentials

  1. salam aleikoum Itto and thanks a lot for your post!!!
    I will notice all these information…

    have a good day
    laun rrbi,

  2. Assala mu alaykum itto,

    i was the one who asked you about wearing the sling…had my 2nd baby 10 weeks ago alhamdulillah-a lil girl…i bought a sling and am enjoying using it with her…and she loves being close to me.

    ma as salaamah

  3. What a wonderful list sister. I am living in Algeria, where I like you am trying to live a more natural life. I am awaiting my 3rd child, enchallah in home birth … so your list is very valuable to me machAllah!May Allah protect your children sister and aide you in this will to live naturally. I have added you to my blog roll!

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  6. Salaam alaikoem,

    I’m co sleeping, nursing and wear my child, like you”’ve sad, you dont need much as a new mother!

    M3a salaam

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