Gratitude for the Mundane

birnen drei birnen hände 

I didn’t finish reading the whole Qur’an during Ramadan, so I am still reading every day after my morning prayer some verses. These days I was totally thrilled by the following ayat:
“Then tell me about the water you drink. Is it you who cause it from the rain-clouds to come, or are We the Causer from it to come down? If We willed, We verily could make it salt and undrinkable. Why then do you not give thanks (to Allah)?” (Al Waqi’â 56, 68-70)
That is so simple, yet so clear and true: Why don’t we think about and thank more for all the mundane blessings around us and why do we always take them as granted?
Why do we complain so much about things and always wish them to be better or different?
I felt ashamed and it nearly made me crying to realise all the things that actually ARE good around here every single day…
so here is my actual list of gratitude, alhamdulillah:

– I am thankful for all my God-given abilities, my body and my brain,
– I am so happy about all the comfort and the wealth of material we are blessed with,
– I am thankful for the rainbow we saw yesterday and for all the water God sent as a blessing for the plants but without destroying houses or things,
– I am full of gratitude for the fruits, tastes and goods September brings,
– I am feeling a deep thankfulness for having kids, a husband, family and good friends,  
– I am feeling so lucky about being able to read and write (so many women around here are illiterate);
– I am thankful for the health and power Allah provides me with to go through my days to fulfil my duties;
– I am so happy to live in peace and personal freedom, masha’allah what a blessing!
– I am thankful that I have been in Germany the night my sister died, and I am thankful that I am finally able to let out the grief these days now when she would have turned 29;
– I feel very gifted to have been guided to Islam by Allah, subhanallah oua tâ’ala, and I could continue this list endlessly…

What are you thankful for?
Blessed Monday, friends. 

äpfel herbstblumen 
sept beerenpflücken sept beerentasche 
regenbogen regenbogen gross


10 thoughts on “Gratitude for the Mundane

  1. JAK …Beautiful reflection and reminder!!!
    I am thankful for my health, my family, my friends and my dear grandchildren..the delight of my life …but most of all I am thankful that Allah(swt) quided me to the truth !! Al-hamdulillah!
    ……..and I am thankful because my Jasmine plant has finally flowered..
    Love the photo of the flowers.

  2. Good reminder. Yesterday I went to church, which I normally don’t do. The priest just said the same: we shouldn’t be so narrowminded an emotionless, but let every decision come out of aus by love.
    So true!
    I am thankful for my happy childhood, which made me the person I am now, able to lead my own life.
    -for my seet boy, who is healthy and happy
    -for my partner, who still deals with me, although i am a pain in the ass sometimes
    -for having a job that allows me to work part time and have enough time for my family

    Happy monday to all of you!

  3. “Nähme ich Flügel der Morgenröte und flöge zum äussersten Meer, so würde auch dort deine Hand mich halten…” Dieser Psalm begleitet mich seit meiner Kindheit. Auch wenn ich keiner Glaubensgemeinschaft oder Kirche mehr angehöre, spüre ich doch immer wieder die Kraft, die aus einer spirituellen Haltung wachsen kann.
    Liebe Itto, danke für die Erinnerung daran, dass es soviel gibt, wofür ich dankbar sein kann…
    Herzliche Grüsse,

    P.S.: Erinnerst du dich an das Lied “Danke!”, das vor etwa dreissig Jahren sogar mal in der deutschen Hitparade war? Darin hiess es: “Danke, oh Herr, ich will dir danken, dass ich danken kann!” Das bringt meine grundsätzliche Lebenseinstellung auf den Punkt…

  4. As-Salam aleikoum,

    Jazak Allah Khair sister for making us stop and reflect, and think about this ayah,

    “And if you would count the favours of Allâh, never could you be able to count them. Truly! Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”.
    Qur’an 16,18

  5. Hallo,

    ich bin dankbar fue die Zeit, die ich bei Euch verbracht habe!
    Und weiss seit dem auch vieles zu schaetzen,
    was mir davor wie selbstverstaendlich vorkam!

    Ich bin froh, dass ich damals nach Marokko gekommen bin.
    Und jetzt auch immer wieder die Moeglichkeit bekomme
    Zeit dort zu verbringen, und fuers Leben zu lernen!

    Danke fuer die Zeit,
    die ihr mit mir geteilt habt!

    Liebe Gruesse

  6. Hallo Itto,
    das zeigt mal wieder, wie klein die Welt ist und dass es doch viel leichter ist Grenzen zu überwinden als wir oft meinen…
    Die Teck seh ich oft, und wenn ich heute abend um 17 Uhr meinen Sohn abhole, dann schau ich während der Fahrt zur Teck und schicke Grüße in die
    marokkanischen Berge. Versprochen.

  7. I hope you continue to post, and write, and share your reflections and your perspective here. You never know how your words will touch another person, help them to be more thankful to Allah in their day, or even approach their children or their duties with a little more cheer and simplicity.
    Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself here.
    your sister,

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