A Break

Bismillah a Rachman a Rachim and Salamou alaikoum out there,

Sorry to all visitors who have tried to see my blog over the last days and thank you so much for the nice mails you wrote me, saying you missed this place – I had to close it for a while; I had to re-centre myself, to think about its purpose and to ask Allah for guidance.
During the 27th night of Ramadan, which maybe was “The night of Power” (Allahu aalem), I realized that I have to change things, I felt that this blog needs to take a new direction, cause I felt as if I have lost a true meaning over the last few months.
I made Istikhara (prayer for divine guidance) because I wasn’t sure whether to continue blogging or not, so I questioned all of it.

I realized that I do not want to play the main part on that little place here; I do not want to put myself nor my family in front; I do not want to show off; I do not want to provoke envy, jealousy, the evil eye or negative feelings in others. And I do not want to worship the readers, nor myself. Astafirghullah.

I want to worship God Almighty alone and I want to blog for His sake only. I want to make my whole writing and living a witness of my faith in Allah’s great religion – And to gain His pleasure is my biggest aim, inchaallah.

So things changed and will change around here and I call this place now “my living faith”, because that’s what it is: the journal of a life in faith, with all its beauty and struggles.

Maybe I will not post as often as before because time became very precious with three kids and I do not want to let the blog come over my life, it is so easy to get distracted by it.
And maybe the posts will become less personal, but I hope by being more focused on the beauty of Islam, I will be able to pay gratitude to the mercy and the blessings of God’s creation and to inspire others.
I will still enjoy your visits and comments here, although they will not be my intention to write. It is a great honour for me to count you as my readers and I hope the changes here will be beneficial for you as well, inchaallah.

’Id moubarak to all my Muslims brothers and sisters and may Allah accept your good deeds. Ameen.
Peace to you all,

yours itto


9 thoughts on “A Break

  1. Liebe Itto,
    schön, dass Du wieder “da” bist!
    Ich kann Deine Ziele hinsichtlich des Blogs nachvollziehen, aber Du gehst vielleicht auch ein bisschen streng mit Dir ins Gericht.
    Deine Einträge sind nie angeberisch oder selbstdarstellerisch gewesen. Im Gegenteil, sie waren immer geprägt von einer großen Dankbarkeit und Demut der Schöpfung und Deines Glaubens gegenüber.
    Ausdruck und Ergebnis Deines harmonischen Familienlebens ist Dein fester Glaube. Er gibt Dir die Kraft, Euer Leben so zu gestalten, wie Du es willst.

    Vor diesem Hintergrund und auch unter der Prämisse, dass Du in Deiner direkten Umgebung nicht viele Freundinnen und andere Erwachsenenkontakte hast (denke ich), ist der Blog doch auch ein wichtiges Werkzeug für Dich, mit der Außenwelt in Kontakt zu treten und Feedback zu bekommen, welches jeder braucht.

    Ich freue mich immer über Einträge von Dir, auch und gerade über die alltäglichen, scheinbar profanen Ereignisse. Doch gerade diese Alltagsgeschichten sind es, die die Nähe zu Dir und Deinem Leben entstehen lassen.

    Liebe Itto, wir, der Freundeskreis Deines Blogs, wenn ich das mal so sagen darf, nehmen gern an Deinem Leben teil und sind nicht neidisch oder mißgünstig, wir freuen uns mit Dir, wenn es Euch gut geht, wenn Die Kinder Spaß haben und Fortschritte machen. Und genauso leiden wir mit Dir, trauern mit Dir, denken an Dich, wenn es Dir nicht gut geht oder Du krank bist.

    Liebste Grüße

  2. Salam ma chère Itto,

    Ton blog est vraiment un beau témoignage de ta foi au quotidien et j’aime te lire…

    Qu’Allah te protège

    Ta soeur Sonia

  3. Itto, I agree with Steffi. What’s more, it is the mix of religious and everyday in your blog that was a spiritual inspiration for me. It is the way you describe the everyday tasks, so infused with islam that made me want to strive to be a better muslima. Please, don’t change too much – your blog the way it was is much more inspiring than the hundreds of dry preachy-type blogs that leave me stone cold. I was especially touched in my spiritual quest by your post about housework while wearing the baby in a sling. Itto – your style is unique – personal and full of worship at the same time – there’s no need to feel bad about it 🙂

  4. Ja, liebe Itto,
    auch ich schliesse mich Steffis Meinung an. Ich lese deine Einträge sehr gern, freue mich so über die Ernsthaftigkeit, mit der du dich auch mit scheinbar Nebensächlichem befasst und uns an deinen Gedanken teilhaben lässt.
    Ich werde gerne weiterlesen bei dir und bin sehr glücklich, dass du wieder “da” bist!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  5. AA Itto,
    I am also glad you are back- even though I recently just started reading on a fairly regular basis….I was sad…… thinking that you would not be blogging anymore..felt like I lost a friend. I really enjoy your blog just the way it is. I find it very spiritual, and always feel at home when visiting. Just be yourself, dear sister, and put your trust in Allah(swt).

  6. Asalaam alaikoem,

    I found your blog now for a couple of days. I just have to say dat you are inspiring me. I just bought a new Quran, which is nicer for me to read, I bought a book about pure intentions in Islam, I’m thinking about islam school to my child, who is now 13 months. I’m thinking about natural birth, I’m glad to see you breastfeed, just like me an som much more.
    Ik have a master but decided to stay home with my daughter and it is the greatest job, in al his kinds. Your blog about Ramadan is inspiring me to get the best this year from the ramadan.
    So I just wanted to say, your blog is stimulating my Imaan alhamdulilaah!

    M3a salaam,

    Ummrayhana, Holland (but originally from Marocco)

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