Summer Bliss #3 – Remembering Summer

pool tisch pool snack 

“It is He who shows you the lightning as a fear for travellers and as a hope for those who wait for rain. And it is He who brings up the clouds, heavy with water…”  (Ar-Rad 13,12)

It feels like summer is gone since last weekend:
the air is fresh, the skies are blue, the fields are yellow, first snow lies on the mountains and the berries are ripe….
Subhanallah, it was a nice summer we’ve had over here and the last warm days we spent a lot outside on our new build terrace, in the little pool, enjoying the shadow and the kind of holiday feeling that came along.

Right now it is raining outside, alhamdulillah, the nature needed water and Allah sent His mercy in big grey clouds.
I think we are ready to welcome autumn and all the bliss within….


One thought on “Summer Bliss #3 – Remembering Summer

  1. salam aleikoum Itto,
    for the first time, I write on your blog… if there is rain in your valley, I could say there is more and more sun in our region. the endless summer!
    You’re right to profit of the last beautiful days!!
    have a good day and sorry for my approximate english.

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