Focusing on Spirituality

kasbah skoura wüstensteine 79 

May peace be with you!

Instead of long house-cleaning-sessions, I want to purify my soul.

Instead of preparing big meals and spending long time in the kitchen, I want to taste the sweetness of Islam by reading the holy book.

Instead of blaming myself, I want to be thankful for my God-given abilities.

Instead feeling overwhelmed, tired and burnt-out, I want to fight against the devil and his awful whispers (audhu billahi).

Instead of getting upset with too much to-dos, I want to strive for a higher spiritual level while doing things.

Instead of waiting for better days to come, I want to live the moment.

Instead of longing for more me-time, I want to cherish the gift of having children.

Instead of criticizing the kids, I want to show them the beauty of our deen (Islamic way of life).

Instead of complaining about things, I want to try to make every single deed, every chore and duty a spiritual act:

Praising Allah while hanging the laundry, fully being there while changing nappies, reciting the Holy Book while chopping the vegetables, being grateful for the life we live while sweeping the floor, cherishing the gift of having kids while spending time with them, fulfilling all these duties consciously and trying to give my best while making every single act a witness of my faith.

There is so much reward in trying to give your best in daily life, so much good in providing healthy food and a nice home for your family, in playing with children and being consciously there for them.
There is even no need to be sad about not fasting this year because the Prophet (sws) said in an authentic hadith: “He who gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will receive the same reward as him. And nothing will be subtracted from the fasting person’s reward.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi, and others)

Allahu akbar, God’s mercy is really to be found everywhere. Every deed we do as best as we are able to do is accepted as an act of worship. It is our personal attitude that makes the difference and changes the daily living and every mundane act into a prayer for Him; to gain His pleasure and to make all our living worship to Him.  

These are my intentions for the second half of Ramadan, inchaallah.
And with these thoughts I wish you a blessed weekend!


10 thoughts on “Focusing on Spirituality

  1. Masha Allah, barakallahou fiki dear sister for this wonderful remind, jazakillahou khayran.
    Have a nice week-end as well. May Allah protect you as well as your family.

  2. Liebe Itto,
    ich glaube, man braucht keine Muslima zu sein, um zu erkennen, dass du einen guten Weg gehst!
    Ich erinnere mich, dass ich jeweils beim Bügeln dem/der Eigentümer/in des Wäschestücks, das ich gerade bearbeitete, gute, helle Gedanken zu schicken pflegte – meinem Mann, meinen Kindern, meinen Eltern… Ich freue mich, dass du diese Art von “Alltags-Spiritualität” auch pflegst!
    Ein schönes Weekend für dich und deine Familie!
    Herzlich, Katarina

  3. Jazak Allah Khair sister for reminding us what is really important in our lives, specially in these last days of Ramadan.

    Personally I need it in this moment, may Allah reward you.

    Ramadan Karim

    From Italy

  4. Salam, great reminder. It is really important that we re-evaluate things every so often so our day to day lives can be put into perspective. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful month!

  5. Aslamu alakum
    thank you for sharring these lovely words of Wisdom and the great reminders they contain may Allah let us all strive for this ameen! I am off to hang the washing and glorify my Lord!

  6. Assalamu alaykum sister,
    I am just back online after a month away. I felt I had more time for me and for my deen while away. Jazakillah for your reminders, so simple yet so deep in meanings.
    Mash’Allah. Always love your pictures!
    May Allah bless you and your family.Amin. wa alaykum assalam x

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