The Ramadan Calendar

ramadankalender basteln schere ramadankalender detail 
ramadankalender hängend ramadankalender zettel 
ramadan verkehrt ramadankalender geschenke 

That is this year’s Ramadan calendar in our home.

I sewed a garland out of old denim trousers and made a string of pink fabric (it’s the type of garland which is so well known by all my fellow crafting bloggers and which originally came from Soulemama, I think).
Then I wrote with white fabric paint and in big single letters “RAMADAN” on the pennants. In the spaces between I hung little notes for every day. On these notes I wrote little religious reminders or task to do for the kids on the following day (such as drawing Noah’s ark, reciting an Ayat, etc).
I didn’t hung the gifts directly on the string because I know the kids would try to open them out of curiosity in advance… so I keep the gifts aside and offer them every evening after the call to Maghrib prayer the one of that day.
The gifts differ; we have little books (from my own childhood), cassettes with kid’s stories, sweets, stories from the Qur’an, a world-map and pencils.
Now the kids are looking forward every evening to get the gift, they become excited about the whole atmosphere, they learn patience and to wait during the day just as the adults do while fasting and they feel that the month of Ramadan is a special blessed time during the year, subhan’allah.

(If you like to do a calendar as well, I think you could use this year the last ten days of Ramadan as an occasion…)


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