…and a verse from the Qur’an

koran lesen sitzecke obstschale tisch 
obstschale koran lesen hand 

Salamou alaikoum friends,

While having so many ideas in my head I would love to write about, time is precious and not available as I wished to… Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an and so I am reading most of my free time in His holy book.

That’s why I decided to share with you at least every once in a while some of the ayat (verses) that touched me the most during my daily lecture together with some pictures out of daily life.

“Verily, it is Allah who causes the seed-grain and the fruit-stone to split and sprout.
He brings forth the living from the dead; and it is He who brings forth the dead from the living. Such is Allah, then how are you deluded from the truth?

He is the Cleaver from the daybreak. He has appointed the night for resting, and the sun and the moon for reckoning. Such is the measuring of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.

It is He who has set the stars for you, so that you might guide your course with their help through the darkness of the land and the sea… “ (6, 95-97)

I wish you a blessed and peaceful weekend.


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