Easy Covering-Up

handstulpen handstulpen schneiden 
handstulpen anzieh handstulpen benutz 

Do you also keep old cotton-stocks with some holes in, thinking you will maybe mend them one day?
Do you like these long tops with three-quarter-length arms?
Do you sometimes just need a quick thing to cover your arms to be properly dressed for prayer or unexpected visitors?

I recently got the idea to use these old stocks, which honestly I will never ever mend, otherwise. I simply took scissors, cut off the lower-foot-part and got some great gauntlets!
I didn’t even sew the cut-off line, its works well like this and it is such an easy thing to do, sustainable and very convenient.

Now, on these hot summer days, instead of putting long sleeve-shirts, I just have to wear a light tank top under my tunic at home; and when it comes to prayer or to welcome some guests, I quickly pull over my gauntlets and a headscarf (the Amina-style ones are very quick to put over) and I am properly modestly dressed, alhamdulillah.


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