Ramadan and a three months Baby

 HT 3 months feet HT 3 months hände  

 Assalamou alaikoum,

–          loving all her giggling and the “ahhhs” and “ grrrrs”

–          feeling a deep womanly-connection with baby 

–         being very sad about not being able to fast (it unfortunately just isn’t the same spiritual atmosphere)

–         getting lost and distracted with all the have-to-dos, the want-to-dos and the feeling-to-dos

–         loosing all the extra hair I gained during pregnancy

–         having been very exhausted the last evenings when all three are in bed

–          but growing also a deep thankfulness about having them in my life – seeing them peacefully sleeping all together just makes my heart jumping, alhamdulillah!

–          hoping to get more focused on religious things to increase my faith during these blessed weeks

–         praying for changes concerning hubby’s work and our upcoming projects

–         … wishing you a blessed week!


7 thoughts on “Ramadan and a three months Baby

  1. Asalaamu alaikum,
    Ramadan Mubarak!
    Mashallah, she is lovely! A 3 month old is so plump and ready for the world, I loved when my daughters past this point.

    I lost hair too in bunches, then got it back thankfully. I can’t remember, maybe 6 months after giving birth, I got peach fuzz around my temples, Hurray for new hair.

    On their hair: Is it Morrocan babies or is it just dark haired babies, who are born with a full head of hair. They look like little dollies. I was used to seeing bald anglo babies. Never thought a baby could be born with such hair. Yours seems the same. Mashallah!

    Have a wonderful Ramadan!

  2. Oh, was für eine wunderschöne Tochter du doch hast! Mach dir wegen deiner Haare nicht allzu viele Gedanken – die kommen wieder, sobald die hormonelle Umstellung abgeschlossen ist (nach dem Abstillen)!
    Und gräme dich nicht darüber, dass dir das Fasten schwerfällt. Sei gestrost, der Himmel wird dir das nachsehen und dich sowieso mit Liebe, Gnade und Segen überschütten!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  3. Asalaamu alaikum, I am stopping by to get a glimpse into your world everyday now. Masha Allah !! Great photos! Lovely little ones! Thank-you !!Ramadhan Kareem !!! Sarah

  4. Asalaamu Alaikum

    My daughter is also 3 months old and I’m not fasting. It does feel weird but this is my 10th kid so I’m used to it..I’ve barely fasted since I converted because of all these kids. check out my blog!

  5. It does feel sad not to fast, especially as it means my husband is the only one in the house who is fasting…feels weird getting iftar ready just for one person!

    Ramadan Mubarak!

  6. Salam alaykom sis..and Ramada MUbarak…
    My daughter is almost five months now..and it’s such a joy to be around her and hear her giggles and screams.. ya she loves to scream lol ( the Moroccan in her maybe? lol)
    I was/am feeling very low right now and most of the reason is troubles in my marriage…and not being able to pray right now even cause of my menses makes it all unbearable. I am not fasting either and this makes me feel so sad… did not fast last Ramadan either because I was pregnant.
    Because of my situation, I am unable to be with the ummah even…
    feel quite desolate. the other two children are leaving for their father’s for the weekend.So I will be alone. At least no one to cook for !! haha.
    But this morning, reading your blog brightened my day and renewed some faith and Incha’Allah will give me hope and strength to ace the day.
    seeing and hearing about the beauty in ur world helps a great deal.
    Jazak’Allah Kahir for that.

    SO having said this.. I am gonna take the baby out for a walk and to the park incha”Allah and try to learn a new surah.. http://www.mounthira.com/

    Merci encore 🙂

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