The Ramadan To-do-List 1430/2009

ramadan jeanskette ramadan sternkette 
ramadan sterne basteln ramadan liste
ramadan kinderbücher ramadan bastelzeug kamin 

Tomorrow  Ramadan, the blessed time for Muslims, will begin.
As every year, we are really looking forward to it. Preparations are nearly done and we are in the last steps to welcome this beautiful month (I still have to do some work tonight on our kid’s calendar).

Here I’ve listed some things I want to accomplish and achieve even though I am not fasting this year due to fully breastfeeding baby. Things are still new around here and my hormones are not stable and I feel not balanced at all. So I keep it “smart” and simple this time not to get exhausted by all of it. I’ve listed religious but also worldly stuff – to keep the balance.

But however successful I will be in following all these good intensions, the most important is to do it only for the sake of Allah.

Here is my 1430 / 2009 Ramadan-Goals-List:

–          To read the entire Qur’an (I will read again the German translation because my Arabic is still not good enough to understand the original text, masha’allah), I want to read every day 2 Hizb, inchaallah.

–          To read the following books: “In the early hours” and some children books with the kids (you can see them in the picture above) and for sure also the new “Sisters Magazine”.

–          To change my rhythm, to go to bed early and to wake up with Fajr prayer in the morning to pray calmly and then stay up to have some time for devotion, to reflect and for myself (blog etc.), inchaallah, before the kids wake up.

–          To sew a new long headscarf, called khimar or jilbab, and to try some new binding techniques.

–          Not to watch TV expect for some religious shows on Huda TV.

–          To keep the kids and my food quick and simple during the days and to restrain from sweets until the evening.

–          To do some Islamic unschooling and crafting and to read prophetic stories with the kids. Here and here are some really nice websites.

–          To invite guests for breaking-the-fast-meals (called “Iftar”).

–          To give the obligatory charity (called “Zakat”) before Eid-Day.

–          To learn some new surates (verses of the Qur’an) in Arabic by heart.

–          To play at least 15 minutes per day with the kids (I mean really playing and fully consciously being with them…). 

–          Not to neither backbite nor listen to gossip and not to complain. Trying to keep my heart, my tongue and my soul pure and clean and to make every single deed as worship to God the Almighty.

–          Not to bite my nails.

–          Trying to better myself day by day to become the best Muslima possible, inchaallah.

The list is to be continued and I will add some personal/private things.

I pray that the fasting of all Muslims will be accepted and that the holy atmosphere of this month will enlighten our hearts and souls. Amin.

Ramadan Kareem Friends!


14 thoughts on “The Ramadan To-do-List 1430/2009

  1. It is such fun to prepare for a holy holiday, isn’t it? I hope that your Ramadan is wonderful and your little ones cherish the wonder. Enjoy.

  2. Salam Itto,

    Je te souhaite un beau ramadan et que tes souhaits soient réalisés….Tu me demandais si je jeûnais, je ne pourrais malheureusement pas cette année car je prends soin de ma petite Esther et ma santé n’est pas assez solide mais je profite de ce beau mois pour parfaire mes connaissances, me sentir au plus près de ma foi et essayer inch’Allah de m’améliorer et me rapprocher toujours un peu plus d’Allah….

    Qu’Allah te bénisses toi et famille….



  3. Ramadhan Mubarak! May Allah Ta’ala guide us all throughout this special month to improve our obedience to Him and increase all that gains His favours. Masha’Allah for the activities you involve the children in to assist their understanding of Ramadhan.
    Wassalamu alaikum

  4. Liebe Itto,
    ich wünsche dir einen segensreichen Ramadan! Auf dass du und deine schöne Familie noch enger zusammenwachsen (zusammen wachsen!) möge… Ich freue mich schon auf deine tiefgründigen Posts; nun lese ich deinen Blog schon über ein Jahr, und er gehört zu meinen liebsten Lektüren.
    Herzlich, Katarina

  5. Salut Itto,

    Je te souhaite un beau mois de ramadan.

    Je suis désolée de ne pas beaucoup t’écrire en ce moment, mais je pense très fort à toi et à ta famille.


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