The Baby Sling – “How to…” – Part One

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After I posted about my new life as mother of three, I was asked about the method how I carry baby. So here you go with my baby sling tutorial.
I am not using a bought baby carrier or a homemade one, I simply use a normal Moroccan “Shech” (men’s head scarf) or whatever shawl I can find (we have lots of different of these pieces around here).
It only has to be a comfortable fabric (I prefer cotton) and about the size of 200 x 80 cm.
I take the shawl and knot it into a sling (see first pictures).
Then I take baby into my arms and hold her with just the left hand while putting the sling over my head with the right hand, leaving it on my right shoulder and pulling it down my left arm and over baby’s body.
So the knot is on my back now and the sling lies crosswise under my left arm.
And now my hands are free and I am able to well position the fabric around baby.
While she is awake, I normally put her head onto my left arm until she will be better holding it herself (see here). And I position her body a bit vertical so that she is able to see what’s going on around. That means I have one and half a hand free to do things.
When she falls asleep (it normally happens very quickly because she feels so comfortable in that sling), I simply position her lower and more horizontal and cover her fully with the fabric so that she completely lies in it without me holding her. And then I am off to do things with both hands until she deeply sleeps and I may lay her aside.
For that, I bend down and place her on the mattress still holding her with my left hand and pulling the sling over my head and shoulder with the right one. That’s all.
There she lies now: peacefully and content. And I roll and stretch my arms and shoulder a bit to relax my back and enjoy the time until the next carrying-session begins…

I know from specialists that this method of carrying a baby is really well and you do not have to fear posture problems for the child. Baby’s body is still so smooth and flexible and she loves to lie in rolled-in-positions as she was lying in mommy’s belly.

The only thing that gets tired a bit is my back… but it is not that bad and for me it is worth the possibility to work and do things while holding and comforting her, giving her the feeling that she is part of our life.


Part Two will follow when baby is able to hold her head to be carried on my back. 


And to everyone interested in baby carrying I recommend reading the book from Jean Liedloff: “The Continuum Concept – In search of Happiness lost”.

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9 thoughts on “The Baby Sling – “How to…” – Part One

  1. Salam Itto,

    J’aime moi aussi tellement porter ma puce avec le sling, on dit que ça apaise les bébés…J’aime beaucoup tes photos !



  2. Jaaa, so fühlen sich Babies wohl und geborgen – und als Mama hat man beide Hände frei! Wunderschöne Bilder, immer wieder staune ich über die Ruhe und Gelassenheit, die über deinem Heim und deiner Familie liegt!
    Gott segne dich und die Deinen!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  3. JazakAllah so much sister for this post! and the pics cos baby looks very comfy in there mashaAllah. may Allah reward you!


  4. salam alaykom!!… wow.. that looks so cool.. I’m afraid baby Jennah will wiggle outta that though…I have to strap her down where ever she is hahaa Im gonna try it though… I got one of them scarves…;)
    merci!! chokran…jazakA’allah Khair…
    (psssssttt I wrote a little blog)

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  6. Mash’Allah! I just came across your blog… I reverted to Islam about a year ago, and am engaged to a Moroccan Berber as well 🙂 Thanks for the tips and photos of the baby sling!

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