A light in every Home (review)


Establishing a new rhythm means also to plan what to do with the little precious time I am having without kids.
There are so many many things I would love to do in the evenings after they went to sleep, but the hours run out quickly and I get tired very soon.
Also holding baby while she cries or nurses is very demanding and doesn’t allow me to really do craftworks at the moment.
So one thing I newly (re-)discovered is watching TV.

During the last year I didn’t watch at all because normally I have better things to do and I do not like the manipulative, stupid stuff shown there.
But there is one single channel I really love and already talked about on my old blog: it’s called HUDA TV.

Subhan’allah, what a great source of knowledge it is!
It is the best channel I’ve ever seen. It is purely Islamic, English speaking, modern in appearance, traditional and profound in information and absolutely beneficial to watch – no minute wasted and so much to learn from!
I love every little thing about it: the fresh Design; the Nasheed songs, the beautiful remembrance of God the Almighty, the shows about Fiqh (Islamic law) and how to recite the Qu’ran; about challenges living in the West or about the way being a good Muslim; documentations about Makkah and translations of beautiful sermons; about healthy halal cooking and about the rights of our body…
But best of all: ‘Ask Huda’ with Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Salah! A life streaming show where viewers have the chance to call and ask questions about Islam.
Mashaallah, this channel really is a light in every home and an endless source of knowledge!

So I am spending now some time in the evenings in front of the TV, with a cup of tea and baby in my arms, enjoying news about our beautiful religion and trying to boost my Iman (faith).

May Allah reward all Huda staff in this life and the hereafter for the great work they do, may they be blessed and may the channel be long lasting and beneficial for more and more people.



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