A new Beginning

one hand pfanne one hand wischer 


So, finally after more than 2 months all friends and family are gone and there are no more visitors for the next few weeks planned.
It was so nice to have had my parents here for a long stay. They were great with the kids and helping me a lot with things around the house. I am so thankful for all the things they did for us.
And now, after having had such a great help, I am full of new energy, I am looking forward to a new daily life with one more child, to develop a new rhythm and to new adventures every day.
I am looking forward to a calm, not interrupted family life, to new unschooling time, to fully be with the kids, to establish a new routine and to have some privacy.


Hubby is gone for a trip as well and so it is really the first time after such a long period for me alone with three kids… I am excited but also aware of all the challenges that will come up.

And you know what, I think from now on you can call me the “one handed” for a pretty while.
Yes, alhamdulillah, I am glad to be able to do at least a bit around the house while carrying baby around in a sling. This technique is such a blessing and all my kids loved to sit/lay near to my heart.
And it works so well, I nearly can do all the tasks… just a bit slower.

So I am off to sweap the floor, to cook, to fold laundry, to write mails and to do lots of others things with just one hand really available (while holding baby’s head with the other one)…

Blessed Friday friends, “Jumuah moubarak”!



7 thoughts on “A new Beginning

  1. assalamu alaykum

    masha’Allah I love the way you carry your little one! I remember when I had my son and since he is my first baby I didn’t know how to manage… insha’Allah for next one I’ll carry him/her just like you 🙂 Is it a sling or a “homemade” baby carrier mashaAllah? 😉

    jumuah mubarak!

  2. mir fiel auch vieles leichter, seit wir den Ergo Baby Carrier hatten: Junis kam auf den Rücken, was Dir zwei freie Hände beschert: Super! Und schon ging die Hausarbeit viel schneller von der Hand und das Baby war auch glücklich.
    Nun lernt er gerade laufen und erweitert seinen Einflußbereich täglich. Auch die Sachen auf den Tischen sind jetzt nicht mehr vor diesen kleinen, neugierigen Händchen sicher…

    Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende mit Deinen drei Mäusen!

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Liebe Itto,
    die Bilder zeigen sehr schön, wie du im Alltag dafür sorgst, dass deine Hannah sich geborgen fühlt – so nahe deinem Herzen!
    Ich habe meine Kinder jeweils in einem “Snuggly” getragen, das war in den 1970-/1980er Jahren so richtig “in”. Den Kleinen hat’s gefallen – allerdings würde ich mich heute wohl ebenfalls für so ein Tuch entscheiden; es ist einfacher und lässt sich vermutlich auch besser dem Körper anpassen.
    Auch wenn ich zur Zeit nicht jeden deiner Einträge kommentiere, freue ich mich immer wieder darauf und darüber, von dir zu lesen!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  4. Salam Itto,

    “Une seule main” , tu m’as fait rire Itto, oui c’est vraiment bien de porter le bébé en sling, moi j’adore aussi avoir Esther contre mon coeur, le papa d’Esther se moque souvent de moi en me disant que je fais trop de choses à la fois ! Je crois que c’est une particularité féminine…

    Je pense que tu vas aimer retrouver le calme et le quotidien, se retrouver est tellement important…

    Je te souhaite un joyeux week-end et merci pour les belles images de la vallées, je n’ai pas oublié la beauté de cette vallée !



  5. using the teapot, that’s a must to be able to do, even if one handed.
    I used to use my BabyBjörn sling a lot which allows both hands free,(and did seem to settle colicy ones, gentle pressure on tummy combined with uprightness?) but my back never allowed me to use it for long once the babes grow heavier.
    Now how did you take those photos, I know you only had one hand free?!;)

  6. oua alaikoum salam sister um almujahid,
    it is actually only a sling (one of these moroccan sheshs= head scarf for men).
    Inchaallah I will post soon about how to use it…
    masalama, itto

  7. Assalamu alaykum,

    I am so excited to have found your blog. One of my very dear friends posted a link to it on facebook and I am already in love with it. I had been following some blogs by tradional christian women who share a lot of values with us Muslim women but this is what i had been longing for. I even thought of starting a blog- maybe i will inshallah in its due time.
    I, too, am a mother of three the oldest of whom turned three 2 1/2 months ago and need lots of inspiration to give them the best tarbiyah i can while keeping my sanity. I am a convert to Islam from latin American background, just to tell you a bit about myself.
    Having said that let me move on to reading more of your articles.
    Umm Muhammad

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