Colic Experience

Since three weeks baby cries a lot from time to time. Not all the time, alhamdulillah, but often after drinking and especially in the evening. The pain comes and goes quickly and just puffing out brings remarkable relief. It is colic, I know, and her stomach is full of gas.
I know it does not come from birth trauma, or from maternal stress, or from the cold (my midwife taught me that babies need a third of their energy to keep their bodies warm, a third to digest and a third to grow – so if they feel too cold, they will try to heat up the body and then have no energy left to digest well…). I know it is a digestion problem.
Mhm, but is it the onions I ate, the wheat or beans, or is it probably from dairy products… from the chocolate, the chicory coffee with milk, the butter, etc.? Is it full moon that makes it worse?
I read some articles about colic, but I have to say, that nothing really fits to what I feel and believe. Should I really give up all the food I like and try for at least two weeks if that helps to reduce the pain, the cramps and the crying?
Honestly I am not ready to give up for example all my “mood food” that includes milk and all the other things that keep me balanced and well, not even being sure that following such a strict diet would bring relief.
I think I prefer to listen to my inner voice, to hold baby, to accompany her through the pain, to carry, to swing or swaddle her slightly – and I really like this respectful part of the wikipedia article that says: “[…] La Leche League experts agree that there is already enough stress on a new breastfeeding relationship without having to deal with radical diet changes as well, and blaming the mother’s milk for baby’s malady puts pressure on mother to wean unnecessarily. Formula may actually be more harmful than helpful in this situation, and will not cure the colic.”
Yes, there is already enough pressure, stress and new things to get used to. I need to treat myself well and not putting more stress onto myself now. Actually I prefer to hold baby’s belly with my warming hand, to keep her near to me (even while sitting on the pc), to do some reflexology on her feet and to pray that it will be over soon, knowing that the colic normally end with about 12 weeks, inchaallah, when her stomach got used to digest.
I really believe that every mother knows intuitively what is best for her child, for herself and for their relationship. The only thing in such cases is to stay calm and being sensitive for baby’s reactions, to listen to your inner self and to be open for constant changes.
What are your experiences with colicky babies and all the “good advice” of people around?


13 thoughts on “Colic Experience

  1. Salam Itto,

    Esther a aussi eu des coliques et ça passe vers les trois mois, aujourd’hui cela va beaucoup mieux… C’est effectivement très douloureux pour le bébé et il est important que le bébé digère bien, c’est à dire qu’il fasse son rot… Une chose qui fonctionne très bien et de la porter couchée, avec la main sur le ventre en la massant, en général ça la calme… c’est très stressant de voir ces petits bébés se tordrent de douleur et souvent on ne peut rien y faire mais tu vas voir ça va passer…

    Prends soin de toi Itto et de ta petite puce….



  2. Hallo

    Ich lese nun schon lange mit und geniesse deine Einträge. Ich habe zwei Kinder. Vielleicht vielleicht kann ich dir einen Tipp geben, der euch beiden helfen könnte. Ich habe mein zweites Kind immer bei solchen Koliken abgehalten, also nicht in die Windel machen lassen, sondern auf den Topf sich erleichtern lassen. Ich weiss nun nicht ob du dies tust. Wenn nicht, kannst du es ja einfach ausprobieren. Bei uns war es einfach eindeutig, dass mein Kleiner (auch schon sol klein) einfach nicht das Kaka am Po haben wollte und somit es zurückhielt und dadurch entstanden die Blähungen. Am Bauchgegrummel das eindeutig zum Ausgang hinstömmte, hörte ich immer wann es losging und dann Windel aus und sanft auf meinem linken Arm liegend mit dem Po Richtung Waschbecken die Beinchen vorsichtig anwinkeln und auffordern. Das klappte einfach klasse und immer wenn eh gewickelt wird auch mal drüberhalten und auffordern mit einem speziefischen Ton dazu. Ansonsten lag meine Hand sehr häufig auf seinem Bauch, um die Geschehnisse darin zu erkennen und daran zu lernen.

    Ansonsten du wunderbare Mutter, geniesse alle diese traumhaften Momente, die nicht wiederkommen und zu Neuem werden. Die tiefe Liebe, die dem kleinen und doch schon grossen Wesen von solch einer warmen Mutter wie dir geschenkt wird, trägt das ganze Leben durch Tiefen und Höhen.


  3. salam alikum, Itto there are afew things oyu can try to ease her pain/wind i have used star anise as a teasana, give just alittle in the evening, or cumin seeds. Make ofr her ruqya every night (maybe yu do already) this always helped my baby too.

    I wanted to ask… it not hot there?(I am in algeria and know it gets incredibly hot here in the higher parts too) you and baby always seem so warmly dressed masha’allah

  4. salam alaikoum dearest sisters and friends,
    thanks for the advices! I will try some of them, probably that helps, inchaallah. It is so hard to see the baby suffering that much…
    no, it is not very hot out here, we are so high and temperatures are still very comfortable, especially in the houses.
    masalama, itto

  5. Assala mu alaykum sis,

    my baby had this prob and the two things that really helped was camomile tea or pilules and the mag phos tissue salts. i’ve already stocked up on these two in case baby number 2 has the same prob. hope this is available to u on that side inshaAllah. also massaging babies tummy in a clockwise motion (when it is soft, not hard) really helps. i used camomile infused sweet almond oil….

  6. Hi Itto, I would drink a little catnip tea before nursing.It helped me and the baby. The midwife who delivered my first had recommended giving the tea to the baby, no more than 1/4 cup, but I found it was just as effective to drink it myself.

    I would also give my babies a nice massage after bath time.It seemed to help.

  7. salam alikoum Itto et toute ta jolie famille.
    C’est toujours avec une grnade joie que je lis ton agréable blog. J’espère que les colliques de ta petite vont s’estopmpées avec le temps, sinon tu peux essayer une 1/2 cuillère d’eau de chaux avant chaque tétée (j’ai fait pour Myriam) et lui masser le ventre après la tétée.
    A très binetôt dans la vallée pour faire la connaissance de votre petite fille, en aout, incha allah. que dieu veille sur vous et vous benisse. A-Cécile.

  8. Liebe Itto,

    ich habe Deinen Blog zu den Koliken Deiner Tochter gelesen und auch Deine Gedanken zu einer eventuellen Ernährungsumstellung. Dazu kann ich Folgendes sagen: Es gibt ein Buch mit dem Titel “Die Blutgruppendiät”. Darin beschreibt ein Arzt seine Erfahrungen mit Patienten, die aufgrund ihrer Blutgruppe verschiedene Lebensmittel nicht oder nur schlecht vertragen. Ich würde nicht so weit gehen zu sagen, daß alles, was er dort schreibt stimmt bzw. ich befolge nicht alles, was er zu meiner Blutgruppe schreibt. Aber es gibt doch einige Sachen die zutreffen.
    Was mich sehr verblüfft hat ist, daß er z. B. schreibt, dass diejenigen, die Blutgruppe Null haben, Milch schlecht vertragen. Das hat mir übrigens eine Ernährungsberaterin, die nach Ayurveda behandelt, auch gesagt. Eine gute Ergänzung ist z. B. Ziegen- oder Schafsmilch. Vielleicht ist das ein Ansatzpunkt für eine Änderung Deiner Ernährung; was nicht automatisch bedeutet, dass Du Dein “Mood Food” komplett weglassen müßtest; vielleicht nur ein bißchen einschränken :).

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Mmmm, yes, all of these things and then, simply waiting it out. 🙂 I think that sometimes it just takes their little tummies a while to sort everything out. She is precious, and you love her so much…and you will be there for her and help her…and she will know instinctively that she can trust you. It seems forever at the time, but it is not really, right? It will pass, and her newborn days will have passed too – but you won’t regret the moments spent with her at all – even if she was crying through many of them. 🙂 Enjoy every, every precious moment. Even the teary ones!

  10. Assalamu alaykum dearest sister
    i don;t know it this has been already suggested, but have you tried few drops of lavender oil mixed with baby oil? Just massage in clockwise on the baby’s tummy.
    It was very beneficial with all my babies, insh’Allah it will help her.
    wa alaykum assalam

  11. Assalaamu alaikum

    Insha’Allah one of the suggestions above will bring relief to your little one and I hope she will pass through this phase quickly. 🙂 I think it is just a stage that some babies go through and partly due to little tummies having to get used to digesting. My baby doesn’t get too much colic alhamdu Lillah but does get it from time to time. I will suggest some of the ideas above to my friend though who is having a hard time with colic with her baby son right now.

  12. salam alaykom again 🙂 I am late in reading your blogs I am so sorry, we just moved and things are crazy especially with the 3 mth old !
    Itto, I believe your inner mommy voice is correct… I work at the Montreal Children’s hospitals and most pediatricians I work with will tell you that nobody knows where the colic comes from and what its really caused by. They would add the best relief is cuddling and soothing baby with calmness and warmth and lots of love. Al hamdulillah.
    Another Doctor I worked with for 20 years told me once.. that he ALWAYS listens to the mother because they ALWAYS know what’s what.

    pssssst.. I too hold baby in front of the PC.. or else I would never get any mommy time !!! lol

    masha’allah she is so beautiful

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