Our Bookshelf

frühlingsgrün+Holt koranlesen sessel

To change a bit from babynews to general stuff, I want to present you today my new page: “Books”.

Books and reading are so important for us. They open doors into unexplored worlds, they allow us to dream away and to develop and establish ourselves …

I always like myself to now about new and good books and so I want to recommend some of my favourites to you.  
You can find the link in the top menu. It is a list of good books we read and about what we are currently reading.
If the book exists in several languages, I always mention the title in every single one.

The list is not finished and will be completed and updated regularly, inchaallah.

And if you like to recommend books to us: please do so!!

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Our Bookshelf

  1. Liebe Itto,
    ich bin so innigst berührt über die glückliche Ankunft deiner kleinen Tochter! Ich freue mich mit dir und deiner Familie sowie allen, die an diesem Ereignis teilhaben durften/dürfen.
    Ich danke dem Himmel, dass die Geburt so gut verlaufen und das kleine Mädchen gesund ist!
    Auf deine Rubrik “Bücher” freue ich mich und werde bei Gelegenheit gerne meinen Beitrag dazu leisten.
    Sei herzlich umarmt!
    Liebe Grüsse,

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