Almost 2 Weeks

buch bett stricken bett

still staying in bed most of the time just because it feels so good not to have to do anything around the house – a bit of crafting and finally learning some basic knitting techniques (I am still such an beginner…) – reading some good books – feeling so touched by the care of my dear midwife friend – being amazed about how quick baby grows and how much she already is part of our family – and just a lot of gratitude and thankfulness, alhamdulillah!

feet blau hands blau


8 thoughts on “Almost 2 Weeks

  1. alf mabrook ukhti…subhanallah..what joy a little one brings to the home..may allah bless you with good health and may He raise her upon piety and taqwa, ameen

  2. salam alaykom.. 🙂
    masha’allah she is so pretty..and yes.. you are so blessed to ahve help and be able to relax and concentrate on the precious new addition to the Ummah and your family 🙂
    she is so beautiful masha’allah… and even though ur still in bed.. your pictures are wonderful
    heal well my sister 🙂
    Fi amenallah

  3. Salam Itto,

    Je suis tellement heureuse pour toi et surtout profites de ces beaux moments !

    je t’embrasse


  4. Salut Itto,

    Profites bien des joies de la venue d’un nouvel enfant.

    J’ai hâte de faire la connaissance de ta ravissante petite fille et aussi de voir combien ont grandit les garçons…

    Je t’embrasse

  5. I love tiny baby legs! And there is that Ikea pillow we both share…I eyed it for years before it finally found a place in my home. Lovely knitting photo too.

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