Kid’s Aprons

sticken schürze kinderschürze stuhl
schürze nähen blau kinderschürtze appliqué bl

knowing that soon I will not be able to sew for a while, I did some aprons for the boys during the last few weeks and added some appliqué (bird) and embroidery work (muffin) to beautify them.

I didn’t really use a pattern. Just by cutting an eventually working shape out of old newspaper, I “tried” it on them and then began to cut out the fabric (both made of old trousers) to start sewing….

They look pretty and we’re off now to do some baking and cooking!


3 thoughts on “Kid’s Aprons

  1. mashaAllah, i love reading your blog! your posts are always so inspirational n beautiful.

    ma as salaamah

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