An unschooled kid’s morning

vogel lernen by vogel
7.5.09 späher allein vogelbuecher

waking up – washing and getting dressed – a friendly “good morning” and some chat while eating breakfast – seeing a bird sitting by the window – the immediate idea to draw it – and then the wish to become a bird oneself – some books to get inspired and some questions about their lives and habits – some outside observing with the binoculars – and then some work to do until the wings are cut out of old cardboard, colourfully painted and fixed with strings – ready to fly in the hall ! – some story about Icarus, the flying Greek, and some more research in books and encyclopaedias –
and in the afternoon eventually going outside and watching the birds in real…

A perfect unschooling morning I would say… it just flew… and all I have to be is a facilitator ready to follow their ideas, to help to find answers and just to be with them, interested in what they do…

Surely not all our mornings are as “educative” and smooth like this. Sometimes there are no ideas; sometimes the interest stays just for a few minutes; sometimes there is just a lot of playing around… but I think learning is just how life in general is: always changing and not constant. We just have to be conscious, be there, and be aware.


6 thoughts on “An unschooled kid’s morning

  1. hallo itto!
    wie schön du das beschreibst! es ist der Hauptgrund, weswegen wir uns für homeschooling entschlossen haben, dieses globale “Anfassung” der Welt. Anstatt in der Schule ständig das Thema zu wechseln…
    viele liebe Grüsse

  2. Samalykum Itto !!! Ich suche andere Deutsche Schwestern, die auch homeschoolen, damit man Material und Ideen austauschen kann, melde dich bei interesse

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