Sketchbook Making

sketchbook-making-2 sketchbook-making-schnur
sketchbook-making-schere sketchbooks

We love these little sketchbooks.
They are easy to make and great to use. The kids love to have their own ones to write and draw in and to feel a bit like an “adult” while doing so. It gives them a feeling of importance and nurtures something like value and appreciation for their own work. Sometimes they take them outside in their little bags to sketch some nature or to write whenever they like to. And once they are filled, they are great memories of their growing and learning path.

The how-to…:
We simply use nice colored cardboard (approx. size 15x22cm) and some white paper for the insides.
We fold the cardboard and the paper on half and sew both together with a big needle and string. It is easier to get through the cardboard with the needle if you prepare the holes with a sharp metal stick before giving to the kids to sew.
That’s all.

Happy creative Monday!


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Making

  1. hallo itto!
    wie immer finde ich ganz toll was du machst !
    wie alt sind deine Buben ? können sie denn schon beide schreiben ?
    versprochen, ich schicke auch bad mehr fotos und ideen!
    bis bald

  2. liebe laura,
    nein, richtig schreiben können beide noch nicht, sie sind 5 und 2.5 jahre alt.
    aber mein grosser schreibt schon seinen namen und kleinere wörter und will immer mehr dazulernen und abnschreiben und kennt fast schon das gesamte alphabet. er liebt es grad, einfach buchstaben aneinander zu setzen und so zu tun “als ob”.
    liebe grüsse, itto

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