Strawberry Love

erdbeeren erdbeerkuchen
erdbeerkuchen-essen erdbeeren-naschen

The strawberries are back!
subhanallah, I love their taste of sweet summer days, of a happy childhood and picnics in the green…
People do not cultivate them in our valley, so we have to get them from Marrakech and their season here is quite short.
That’s why we enjoy them now in every way: pure and plain, chopped with yoghurt, as cakes and marmalade…

Happy spring, happy strawberry time!


8 thoughts on “Strawberry Love

  1. The fact that the season does not last long is the beuty of it, in my opinion anyway. The year I spent in Algiers I really got to appreciate the local, seasonal produce. Something we are missing out on here in big cities. It just isn’t natural to have mangoes, strawberries, grapes…all year round.
    Love the cake btw. Happy spring to you too sister.

  2. MashaAllah what a burst of colour and sweetness i like your cake mashaallah enjoy sister! Also congratulations on the memorisation of the Ayat may allah bless you and make you a hafida of quraan ameen!

  3. Das sieht ja super lecker aus! Was ist das für ein Topping auf dem Kuchen? Einfach nur Joghurt mit sahne und erdbeeren?

  4. Assalamu alaykum sis,
    I always enjoy so much your pics. These are really lovely, mash’Allah!
    My father used to grow strawberries and it reminds me too of my childhood, the mountains where I was born, the valleys were I used to run freely and the freshly produce all different in each season. And indeed Allah is the Lord of the Worlds.
    xx wa alaykum assalam

  5. liebe steffi,
    ja, einfach biskuitteig und oben drauf mit dem mixer zerkleinerte erdbeeren mit etwas agar agar (bio gelatine) angedickt und mit zucker und joghurt gemischt. sahne haben wir hier leider nicht…
    lieben gruss, itto

  6. oua alaikoum salam sister Haniyya,
    it is a simple swiss roll/ sponge cake recipe and on the top strawberries mixed with a bit of halal-gelatine and sugar and yoghurt.
    masalama, itto

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