Feeling Protected

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During the last weeks while I’ve been sick, staying at home and nesting around, I sometimes felt the strong need to protect myself and my family.
I cannot really put those feelings in words, but I felt the wish to have something in my hands that allows me to feel safe and secure against the bad in this world, against jealousy and envy, against the evil eye and the creatures of the unseen world.
We as Muslims believe that all of these things are reality. They exist and they are able to harm us if we do not seek refuge by Allah.

I always had the strong will to learn the most important verse of the Holy Quran, called “Ayat-al-kursi” (2:255, known as the Throne-verse), which is well known for its healing and protecting power. But I never really disciplined myself to do so (which is a shame after six years being a Muslim…).

Finally, alhamdulillah, during the last weeks I had the time and intention to memorize it in Arabic!
It wasn’t easy to get the words into my head and even though I am able to read Arabic, I first had my husband to slowly say every single word in the right pronunciation so I could write it down in German letters. And I used an Islamic CD-Rom to listen to some recitation and to memorize it by following the Sheikh.
Soon my elder son joined me and so we went through the days reciting the parts we already knew. Kids memorize so easily…

I finally got it all! Subhanallah, by the mercy of Allah, I am able now to recite the whole verse aloud. And it sounds so beautiful. The words and the poetry are so perfect. I can really feel their healing effect and the good they bring to my body.

It is said that reciting this verse and also “Sura Al Nas” (114) and “Sura Al Falaq” (113) several times in the morning and in the evening protects you from the evil, inchaallah.

With this, dear friends, I wanna remind myself and you to regularly do so.
I wish you a very blessed Friday and may God protect you and your beloved ones!



4 thoughts on “Feeling Protected

  1. Itto,

    Je comprends bien ce besoin que tu as de te protéger toi et ton entourage et c’est une belle façon d’apprendre ce verset, j’admire beaucoup ta persévérance…Je crois que chaque jour qui vient nos avons tous à apprendre de l’Islam….

    Bon week-end à toi

    Q’Allah te bénisse

  2. Liebe Itto,
    es ist so wichtig, sich geborgen fühlen zu können! Einmal mehr bin ich sehr berührt von deiner Ernsthaftigkeit – wie schön, dass dein Mann dir diese Verse so geduldig vorgesprochen hat und du sie mit deinem Sohn lernen konntest!
    Für mich gibt es ein Bibelwort, das ich mit diesem Gefühl der Sicherheit und Geborgenheit verbinde: “Und nähme ich Flügel der Morgenröte und flöge zum äussersten Meer, so würde auch dort deine Hand mich führen und deine Rechte mich halten…”
    Und dann natürlich Dietrich Bonhoeffers Gedicht: “Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen erwarte ich getrost, was kommen mag. Gott ist mit mir am Abend und am Morgen, und ganz gewiss an jedem neuen Tag!”
    Man könnte ja sagen, es seien nur Worte – aber was für welche! Sie helfen, wenn ich mich trotz all der Menschen um mich herum einsam und verlassen fühle, es geht eine heilsame Wirkung aus von ihnen.
    Ich grüsse dich herzlichst,

  3. Well done sis, mashallah you have learnt Ayat al kursi , in your condition and all…when i’m pregnant my memory and concentration go out of the window…
    May Allah protect you and your loved ones always, ameen. But you are right you need to protect yourself with the best of weapons, the salat and the quran. Do you know the du’a before leaving your home? I’m a great believer of that particular du’a for when I’m out and about.

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