Beautifying Spaces

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the spring cleaning is going on here – I think it is affected by the cocooning-need I always feel in the end of a pregnancy. I wanna make everything ready and nice for life after birth…
And since I am still sick with a hard cough, staying at home all day, I use the time now to beautify some spaces here.
Do you know these messy corners in a home, places you close ashamed when visitors come along, rooms you wish you could forget about, where you put all the stuff in you do not have time nor space to store elsewhere?
My kitchen larder was one of these places, messy, dirty and in a perfect disorder: all on the floor and in several boxes. But alhamdulillah, a few weeks ago we got new shelves, so all looks much more organized. I cleaned and washed out and now the things are in order and it became a real pleasure to go in and get the food out.
And my office still is one of these places I need to clear out to rearrange.
But all the rest, the hallway and the rooms are really well done now, subhanallah. It feels like such a relief and it is a real pleasure to see our house in a new light, clean, with fresh flowers and new inspiration around …
… Ok, there are also still some windows to clean and some sewing and embroidery work to do (I wanna have some more cushions around) and some furniture I wished to add (I need a rocking chair!!),… but I am already so happy to walk through the rooms and to see all in his (new) place.
And the kids help with their artworks to put on the inspiration wire or on the walls…

Crafty, clean, creative wishes to you!

And here are some very inspirational sites:–23924d.html

3 thoughts on “Beautifying Spaces

  1. oh mashallah great links…coming back to check them all properly when i have time….wich might be when my children turn teenagers….hmmm anyway…ordered the catalouge from that last link …looks like great sewing inspiration….thanks for sharing….

  2. Itto,

    Je souris en te lisant, car j’ai l’impression que tu parles de ma maison.

    C’est vrai que la saleté ne demande qu’à s’entasser.

    En ce moment j’emploi mon temps libre à autre chose que le ménage et quand je prends quelques instants pour regarder la maison j’ai envie de pleurer tellement je n’aime pas ce que je vois.

    J’aime aussi beaucoup lorsque tout est en ordre et lorsque l’on se sent bien chez soi. Mais avec les enfants cela ne reste jamais longtemps en ordre, mais c’est aussi ce qui montre une maison “vivante”.


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