Enjoying the Moment

blumegruen1 fensterschatten

This afternoon I luckily had some time for myself. The kids were outside playing and I stayed at home still feeling sick a bit. I could have done the washing up, or cleaning the windows or writing some emails, or doing something meaningful instead… But I decided to lie down and simply enjoy the beauty of that moment…

I put myself in front of our kitchen window and watched out; I totally took a breath of the peaceful quiet nature around; I felt my little girl moving inside me and the shining sun kissing my face – so much peace and inner happiness.
Subhanallah. It was just a little moment, but that moment filled up my batteries and it taught me again gratitude and thankfulness for Allah’s little gifts.
Blessed Friday and happy weekend to you! Hope you will have plenty of these magic moments, too…


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Moment

  1. Mashallah you look so content and peaceful. May Allah give you the energy and strengh to endure the rest of the pregnancy and reward you with a pious healthy little girl ameen.

  2. mashallah itto…..your blog has really become one of my favourite places to visit….mashallah in the midst of all lifes tests and trials there is so much to appreciate…

  3. Liebe Itto,
    wie schön, dass du eine “kleine Zeit” ganz für dich allein hattest! Du hast das einzig Richtige getan: Dir Ruhe gegönnt und dir bewusst gemacht, wie gesegnet du bist…!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  4. Mash’Allah sister you are really an inspiration and I always feel the need to come and visit you here in your blog.
    Jazakillah sister because I find your writings so inspirational and full of positive energy!
    Love fisabilillah

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