Hello Spring – Good bye Winter!

spring-orange spring-gelb
spring-rosa spring-samen

Subhanallah it is officially springtime now!

I do like winter a lot but I really love the changing of all the seasons, to be blessed with four different types of nature every year, to celebrate this beauty and to pay gratitude for Allah’s creature.

In our garden first flowers blossom and we cleaned together the house (I have to admit that I am not very patient with this, I am really struggling to stay calm when the kids turn the whole living room in a swimming pool…).
So now it is time to also change and clean our lifestyle a bit.
Last year I found a very interesting article in the second issue of the www.sisters-magazine.com . It was called “How to Spring-clean your Life”. I liked how the writer not only talked about how to clean the dust and clutter but also our daily lives and relationships. These are the main topics to clean in our lives:

1. Become a grateful servant of Allah, be grateful for His blessings and make you see your life with new eyes.

2. Get to know your Deen (Islamic way of life) again. Get avoid of routine, try to perfect your current acts of worship and to learn and establish new Islamic manners.

3. Guard your time in the best way, use it effectively. Schedule it wisely and incorporate more acts of worship.

4. Cultivate your marriage relationship, give freely of your love, time and energy and aim to be the wife who is the coolness of her husband’s eyes, all for the sake of Allah.

5. Cherish your little ones. Remember how much you really love them and how you wouldn’t change them for the world –They are only young once: enjoy them while you can.

6. Reach out to family. Write a letter to your brother, send your dad a gift, and invite your sister-in-law for lunches…try to strengthen theses family-relationships.

7. Tend your friendships. Take the time to look at the state of your friendships, try to keep better contact and address any problems that have arisen.

8. Do some good. Do things that focuses your attention on others for the sake of Allah will boost your Iman (faith) and make you feel better about yourself and your life.

So welcome spring! And winter, see you in nine months, inchaallah!

springclean-by sisterscover
springclean-wasche springclean-ya



4 thoughts on “Hello Spring – Good bye Winter!

  1. Another lovely post sis, mashallah. I have pasted and enlarged #4 , it’s the motto of the week, well hopefully longer than that 😉

  2. Coucou Itto,

    Tu nous disais l’année dernière lors de notre visite, que tu aimmerais avoir des fleurs devant la maison.
    Je suis heureuse que le printemps t’apporte les premières pousses.

    J’attends avec impatience de tes nouvelles par mail.

    Je t’embrasse

  3. mashallah , beautiful spring pics.!thanks for sharing excerpts from the sisters mag. Inshallah will save it to my documents. May Allah swt always bless you sis. your blog never fails to bring in the sunshine in…

  4. Salam Itto,

    J’aime beaucoup cette idée de toujours renouveler notre foi en Allah et de s’améliorer chaque jours un peu plus, c’est très beau…
    Bonne journée

    Qu’Allah te bénisse


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